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    Sydney Lenssen

    By Sydney Lenssen, in F3J,

    With great regret, the BARCS Committee has to announce that they will not be organising any F3J league competitions this year and are unlikely to start again until further interest in participation emerges.
    This means that F3J will not be held at RadioGlide, the BMFA Nationals and other venues which had been announced on the Forum. Some contests to be run at RadioGlide and the Nationals will be rescheduled and provide alternative opportunities to compete.
    Your committee circulated a question to some 40 pilots who fly F3J:  “Do you intend to enter any F3J competitions this year?” Replies were received from 19 pilots within 24 hours. Seven members replied positively: Yes. Another replied: Perhaps. Others said: No.
    Your committee had stated in the questionnaire that it believed that a minimum of 12 pilots was required to run contests which form the basis of awarding UK team places for the World Championships next year 2018. Some positive replies noted that they believed that at least 16 pilots was a minimum, probably more realistic.
    No F3J pilot who has competed over recent years would want to see this form of competition shrivelling and dying a slow death, especially in the country which provided the original thinking to and established F3J as a recognised FAI activity. Hence the decision to stop. Sorry.
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    Read the full article in The Times here
    Photo courtesy of The Times
    24th-25th June, Near Ashford, Kent
    This year’s event will be run by the British Association of Radio Control Soarers. Traditionally an F3J event, to reflect the rise in popularity of electric launch soaring this year we will be run to International F5J rules. The competition is registered as a EUROTOUR and World Cup event and will count towards all relevant National and International Leagues.
    Location and Dates
    The site is a large, private airfield located approx. 5miles south of Ashford, Kent allowing easy access from the M20, Eurostar, Ferry Terminals and local Hotels.
    The Hamilton Farm Airstrip, Bilsington, Ashford Kent, TN25 7JJ.
    Website for more information: http://www.hamiltonfarmairstrip.co.uk/
    Enter online or by form to be found on the Interglide website. https://www.interglide.co.uk
    Closing Date Friday 16th June. Restricted to 60 entries
    Download BULLETIN 1
    BARCS INTERGLIDE 2017 F5J Bulletin 1 Final.pdf

    By Austin, in BARCS,

    Growing interest in F5J and the lack of it in F3J results in Interglide being switched to an F5J Eurotour event from 2017 onwards.
    With the growth of F5J in the UK and Internationally a good entry is on the cards for this event. 
    As soon as there is more information on the event location it will be published here. The date for this event is already decided and will be 24th - 25th June 2017.

    By Chris Moynihan, in BARCS,

    Robin Sleight, Honorary Secretary of the BMFA and Chairman of the British Association of Radio Control Soarers, died on December 2nd, 2016.
    Robin had been a member of the BMFA for nearly sixty years starting like so many others with Keil Kraft models and ED engines; he grew up in Scotland and has in the distant past been a member of the Scottish Free Flight team and a control line finalist at the Nationals. Since the advent of radio, he gravitated to competitive thermal soaring as a primary and passionate interest.
    Being blessed with exceptional organisational abilities, he was an excellent Competition Director at the first ever F3J World Championships in 1998 as well as running innumerable other national and international events for both BARCS and the BMFA over many years.

    Robin Circa 1953
    After accepting the role of BMFA Hon Sec in 2009, Robin has been prolific in tackling a complete revision of the Society’s voluminous Articles of Association to bring them fully into line with current company law; he was also the author of several new policies and procedures which have made the Society a better managed activity. In all of this work, he showed great attention to detail and resilience in not only getting completion but also in charting its course through the Council to full acceptance.
    His other skills were brought out in his adept handling of difficult issues in the South West area of the BMFA, as well as mediating effectively in several inter-club and intra-club disputes over the years.
    Robin was truly an aviation enthusiast from his earliest days and this was an abiding passion which he was able to follow through his eminent career with GEC-Marconi and Bae Systems, as well as via his model flying at BARCS, BMFA and Invicta Club events. He even stashed some slope models to fly in Australia when visiting his daughter in Cairns.
    I have valued Robin’s friendship for many decades; he was always wise counsel when I sought his views and his calm thoughtful manner and logical conclusions were appreciated by all. His notable contribution to the work of the BMFA was appropriately recognised at this November’s AGM by the award of a BMFA Fellowship, the BMFA’s highest honour. 
    Robin was a true gentleman, always charming and gracious in his dealings with people; he will be greatly missed.
    Chris Moynihan, BMFA
    Dec 8th, 2016

    By Austin, in BARCS,

    It is with great sadness we have to report that following his recent illness, Robin Sleight passed away yesterday evening, December 1st.
    No further information is available at this time.
    Our thoughts are with Robin’s family.
    Please see the forum topic below for updates.
    The Silent Flight Nationals takes place Saturday 27th, Sunday 28th & Monday 29th August 2016 at WETLANDS, DN22 8SB, and Monday 29th & 4th September at TWYWELL, NN14 3AH
    Download Entry Forms. 
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