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Southern Winter League rd 2.

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Southern Winter Lg F3f rd 2 Sunday Nov 26th 2017.

   In order to maximise our chances of successfully staging 4 Southern Winter league comps, JP & myself have decided that we shall 'follow the wind' for each comp, using the venues of Whitesheet, Eastbourne & Butser Hill.

If the wind is NW-SW direction we will stage the comps at Whitesheet.

If the wind is NE we will use the slopes of Butser hill.

If the wind is S-SE we will use Eastbourne.


Entry is now open for this event

Please send the following info to myself, swallacegromit@aol.com

BMFA number,

Freq, 2.4, or 35 meg + channel

Models, up to 3

Please state the Venues you will travel too, ie Whitesheet, Butser, Eastbourne, or All venues.

Entry fee £5.00, payable on the day


The decision / details as to which venue will be used for each comp will be announced on the Southern Winter lg page as early / soon as possible prior to each comp, this after being decided upon by Myself & JP after our careful study of the various forecasts.  Weather call will be Friday evenings at 8.00 pm.

  Stu, Whitesheet Comp Sec.

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