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Southern Winter league F3f round 2

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Southern Winter league round 2.


This competition is Cancelled due to insufficient confirmed entries.  See forum thread for details. 


Venues being used ;-  Whitesheet, Butser Hill, Eastbourne. 

Venue Advisory ;- The various forecasts are presently showing the wind to be coming from between a NE - SE over the next 10 days. The venue is therefore  looking very likely to be be either Eastbourne & Butser .  I will post another 'venue advisory' on Weds  21st at around 9.00pm.

Venue Confirmation ;- I will post this as early as I believe the forecasts allow.

'Weather call'  ;- will be posted at around 8.00pm on the Friday 23rd

Entry opens at 9.00am on Weds 14th Nov


To enter, Please send the following entry details to myself at swallacegromit@aol.com

BMFA insurance number,

Freq, 2.4 or 35 meg incl channel

Models, up to 3.

important ;- Please state the names of the venues that you will travel to ie, Whitesheet, Butser, Eastbourne, All. I need this info so that I know if we have enough numbers attending any given venue. 


 Stu, Whitesheet Comp Sec.

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