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Southern Winter League F3f Rd 4

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Southern Winter lg rd 4, Sund Jan 26th. 

Entry is now OPEN.

Venues being used ;-  Whitesheet,  (NNW- SSW)  Eastbourne ( All other directions).

The 'Weather call' & venue confirmation  will be posted at around 8.00pm on the Friday 24th.


The Winter league comps are the perfect introduction to this exciting branch of our sport, newcomers are guaranteed are very warm welcome. Hints & tips on all things F3f ie,  model set up, flying the course, turn styles,  ballast decisions, etc etc are always freely given.

Most sports models are perfectly suitable to use, you don't need an expensive F3f machine. 

It is through the winter league comps that very many F3f pilots like myself started.  I look forward to welcoming you to your first comp.


Entries to be sent to ;-  swallacegromit@aol.com

Please include all the following info with your entry

BMFA insurance number,

Freq 2.4 or 35 meg + channel.

Important ;- Please state which venues you will travel too, ie  Whitesheet, Eastbourne, All  I need this information in order to make the decision as to whether we have sufficient numbers attending any given venue. 


An entry list is viewable on the Southern Winter lg thread ;- 


Please note ,
Whitesheet slope closure information.

To enable the safe & successful staging of F3f competitions at Whitesheet, the Whitesheet slopes will be closed to all flying other than for that of the competition while F3f competitions are in progress.

Competitions run from 9.00am- 5.00pm (approx finish time).

The Whitesheet Committee thank you very much for your understanding & co-operation regarding this.

  Stu, Whitesheet Comp Sec. 


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