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Southern Winter League F3f Rd 5

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Southern Winter lg rd 5. Sund 23 Feb. 

Southern Winter lg, rd 5, Sunday February 23rd .

Entry to this competition is now OPEN.

Venues being used ;-  Whitesheet,  (NNW- SSW).  Eastbourne ( All other directions)

'Venue Advisory ;-  I will be closely following the various forecasts & will post a 'venue advisory' on Thursd 20 th at around 9.00pm.

The 'Weather call'  & 'venue confirmation' will be posted at around 8.00pm on Friday 21st,  note;- postponed if necessary until 9.00am Sat 22nd


Entries to be sent to ;-  swallacegromit@aol.com

Please include all the following info with your entry

BMFA insurance number,

Freq 2.4 or 35 meg + channel.

Important ;- Please state which venues you will travel to, ie  Whitesheet, Eastbourne, Both,  I need this information in order to make the decision as to whether we have sufficient numbers attending any given venue. 


Note;- I continue to make slow but steady progress in my recovery, I am however still a number of weeks away from any thoughts of a possible return to the slopes.

Huge thanks therefore to  Graeme, Nigel, jP & Pete who between them will be staging & running the comp.


 Stu, Whitesheet Comp Sec. 

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