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  2. Here's the task list for the August 15th (or 16th) Buckminster contest. Please note, A few things have changed In the rules for this year.... Poker only has three nominations allowed. The new 'one flight' task, task L, has a single launch allowed the max score is 9:59. (Do you go on the hooter or wait until you think you can fly the slot out??) The flight time shall be recorded to 0.1 seconds. Rounding up is not applied. Before each working time, there must be a preparation time period of 60 seconds when flying is not allowed. After all the model gliders of the previous group have landed, the competitors flying in the next group receive 45 seconds of flight testing time, which is part of the preparation time. The dropped score is applied after 12 rounds. (Was 5) The timing files for the PA don't include as much detail as the rules at the moment. I'll do my best to announce the details.
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  4. I've only assembled a couple of gearboxes but I've used 648 without any problems but there's no flat on the motor shaft. If the pinion is over that part of the shaft that has the flat you might always get problems, it's not designed to fill such a large gap. I've also read where someone used an old bottle of compound retainer and the pinion would let go easily, a new bottle of 648 solved the problem as I remember. Here's the data sheet if this helps http://www.henkeladhesivesna.com/aam/Retaining_LT3770_AAM_Chart_Interactive.pdf
  5. Hi, My Reisenauer micro gearbox was mounted on to a cheaper 2838 3600kv inrunner for use on my 1900g Claymore F5J glider. I followed the instructions, first carefully cleaning the mating surfaces, then using Loctite 648 compound to fix the "hi-torque" pinion gear to the 3.17mm shaft. A feature of this motor (usually used for model cars, I guess), is that it has a flat machined onto the shaft. All appeared to go well. Test runs were satisfactory and a day's outing with around 16 launches on the glider went without any hitches (at least as far as the motor/gearbox was concerned). Today, some two weeks after the gearbox was fitted to the motor and two seconds in the first launch/climb the pinion gear became unfixed and now rotates on the motor shaft. I don't know if there is a better choice of fixing compound for this application than Loctite 648 or whether the flat on the shaft has any effect on the joint strength. I don't really know how hot the motor is getting. From the smell of it on landing, and the appearance of the windings etc now it's out, I have no reason to believe that it has overheated. Before I have another go at fixing it, is there something that I could do to improve the fit of the pinion?

    F5J Weekend at Little Bentley

    Tony presume we are using bank holiday weekend can we arrive Friday afternoon and set up camp ie in my case tent 5mx4m and Coleman one for me and one for planes. BBQ and cooking are gas. Is the cabin there and a porta loo or just one of them, normal covid protections all in car. Do we pay on arrival or any other way total 10 camping 15 comp =25, is there potable water on the fields or do we bring. Peter
  7. Crasher aka PAUL Carrington will be on holiday so unable to make it
  8. StraightEdge

    F3-RES League Bungees

    Re degrading, I keep my bungee stored in a box in a cool, dark place when not in use.
  9. Feefo

    Multiplex receivers

    1x DR-7 Light...£45 3x DR-6 Light...2x £40 each, 1x £35 (case been apart, possibly had antenna's replaced and small chip in the casing). This is the 1 that is next to the new RX-5 in the picture. 3x Rx-5 Light...£30 each 1x RX-5 Light ID2 (Easystar) but it can be bound as any RX-5 , new in packet, £30 All used Rx's have come out of working models. Postage at cost. Payment via Paypal gift or you cover fees please.
  10. DaveH

    Claymore setup.

    No apologies necessary, all input is welcome (except those suggesting that I should give up and do more decorating/gardening, although I don't think that my wife can log in here yet).
  11. SteveH

    [SOLD] - Jaro Muller Ellipse 2V carbon

    Thanks to all the usual experts for their opinions and comments which are always so freely given but not always wanted. I am sure you will all be pleased to know that the Ellipse has been sold and will soon be off to its new owner.
  12. wookman

    C of G let models ASW28

    Might be a bit twitchy like that Pete
  13. pete beadle

    C of G let models ASW28

    Hi kevinj Most recommended CG positions are "safe" The thing to do, IMO anyway, is to fly it at 45mm from the TE and then see if you need to move the CG back or forwards dependent on how it flew Yes, I've owned a LET model ASW28 and I found the CG position OK - hope this helps Pete BARCS1702
  14. MikeDLG

    elevator rudder mix

    OK, MikeF just said pretty all I wanted say! And did a better job of it. The NXT is not a floaty, polyhedral glider (like most DLGs) and should be flown as such for the best results. Yes, in dead calm, low lift conditions, it can be better to fly rudder only , but as soon as you start circling, you need to use ailerons. My understanding is that the inner wing is going slower than the outer wing, so the outer wing is producing more lift. If left alone, this causes the DLG to roll into the turn. Hence you need to hold opposite aileron to maintain a steady bank angle during circling. During lock down I was having fun making little balsa catapult gliders. To get them to circle well, I had to replicate this by sanding the tips to give more positive incidence on the inner tip and negative incidence on the outer. Otherwise they tended to spiral into the direction I set the rudder.
  15. mikef

    elevator rudder mix

    I can't understand why the ailerons help with the pitching forward effect (nose down I assume). Here's my thinking on the turning process. If you just deflect the rudder, the aircraft will yaw - the dihedral effect will cause a bank - the lift balancing the weight will reduce and the nose will drop to try to increase speed to restore lift as the aircraft turns. That's when you need up elevator to increase the angle of attack thus increasing lift to balance the turning aircraft. Using rudder to roll the aircraft at the start of a turn is slower and will cause more drag than using ailerons because the yaw that the rudder causes has to build up before the secondary roll effect comes in. Most F3K/DLG models will turn best by initiating and controlling bank with the ailerons and turn radius with the elevator. Depending on the model, a little bit of pro turn rudder (sometimes none ) will keep the model going around in steady circles. When circling in lift, I tend to hold in a little pro turn rudder on most of the designs I have flown. I often need to apply out of turn aileron to prevent the bank building up. If the model slows in an up-gust, I'll often kick the nose pro-turn with the rudder to stop it stalling (and hopefully tighten the turn moving the aircraft nearer the core of the lift). Back to the question! I have never heard of anyone using that mix. I suppose you could mix 'up elevator' with rudder if you had a model that would fly hands-off with set amounts of rudder and elevator - that's how Free-Flight gliders fly. F3K models I have flown would not trim that way, the fin/rudder is far too big for free flight type trim - they tend to wind into a spiral dive if you try that. To get what you seem to want, you would need a symmetric non-linear mix rudder to elevator - and ideally a variable area fin! Try the technique above and see how you get on. (Sorry if you wanted 'a sip of water' and I 'turned the hose on you'.)
  16. Carlos has a transport problem that he trying to resolve. I know he wants to come.
  17. We're missing two who responded positively in the other thread - @Martin O, @Paul Gleeson Obviously circumstances may have changed but it would be great if you could confirm. Otherwise - @Monz, @Simon B, @carlosds, @Marin Mitev, @Nick, @PaSky, @Crasher any of you contemplating joining us? Not wishing to be too pushy especially as everyone may have their own Covid19 related risk/situation to consider but just want to make sure nobody is missing out due to not realising its happening!
  18. tomc

    elevator rudder mix

    Does anyone mix in elevator with rudder? I am finding that my Stream NXT pitches forward if I turn with rudder only, meaning I am using the ailerons more than I would like. Any ideas? Tom
  19. Yes please, either day 148987
  20. DavidBWS

    [SOLD] - Multiplex Royal SX16 Elegance

    Hiya, I would like to purchase this TX. Will need it posted to Somerset. Please come back to me with price and way to pay. Thanks David 07711824484
  21. kevinj

    C of G let models ASW28

    Hi. I have just got a Let models ASW28...3m wing span. The manufacturer website shows a C of G at 45mm from the leading edge of the wing. Has anyone got one or had one....is this spot on or just a safe starting point. Many thanks. Kevin
  22. I currently have 5 and a maybe entries. Do I spend a day at Buckminster to run a non-league event (8 minimum) for 5/6 people?
  23. pete beadle


    Hi wookman very neat and professional (re-)instal, wish I could be as tidy as that! Speaking as someone who HAS flown this Extreme I'm sure it will impress you favourably... Regards Pete BARCS1702
  24. pete beadle

    Claymore setup.

    Hi DaveH I've always found PhilB very approachable and, speaking for myself, I expect people who've bought a plane from me to ask setup questions, usually when they meet me, but sometimes afterwards I re-read your original question and agree with PeteM what you were asking was actually more of a personal preference than what the designer/builder prefers When asked, I always say "Set the 'plane as per the makers published instructions then, after its first flight with its new owner, adjust to his personal preferences" I see now that the question you asked was about the preferences of others so, should, probably, not have got involved, sorry Regards Pete BARCS1702
  25. Yesterday
  26. Bbdave

    Electric conversion help please

    I think that's who my dad bought it off i knew Murky he lived at Tattershall must have been early to mid 2000s i moved down here 2010 and dad cleared his garage and gave me it. Dave
  27. wookman


    It’s tight for space in there!
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