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  2. wookman

    Keil Kraft "Conquest" - retro !

    There’s room for some radio in there Phil.
  3. Lawrence D

    FxRES Fish Meadow, Upton upon Severn. 11 May '24

    Hi Andy- I'm planning to be there for F3L.
  4. Richard Newsham

    FxRES Fish Meadow, Upton upon Severn. 11 May '24

    Hi Andy. I intend to fly F3L. Plus I'm interested in camping on the Friday night. Richard
  5. keith fisher

    Horsham F5J comp 19th May 2024

    Good evening Kev, two entries please, one for Richard Harris, and yours truly, many thanks Keith.
  6. I am CD for this event. Flying will be from 1100-1500, followed by a single fly off round. Best 6 flights from 10 plus flyoff. More details will be available nearer the time. Cost expected to be £10 . Camping is available on site. Enquire for details . (An F5J comp will take place the day after.) For now I would like to know if you intend to fly in the FxRES. If there is insufficient support I shall have to cancel as there is a fee associated with using the site. Many thanks, Andy Harrold
  7. Richard Newsham

    FxRES April 2024 2m F3L/F5L Monthly Duration Challenge

    Harden Moor. 4:10pm to 5:20pm. 10mph + gusts. Northerly wind. Windy, gusty, cold, overcast. Great for practice. Not very good for a long flight. 14 flights. Non over 2m 20secs. Hope I have better luck tomorrow at 9:30am.
  8. CTR

    F5 RES-Raven design & build

    Hi John, sorry for the very late reply! I’ve had a lot on during April which has taken my eye off the ball WRT the Raven. Most of the time was developing a special Lulu RC kit for Ivinghoe Soaring Association Nostalgia day 2024, and also having a holiday doing the NC500. I can still provide a Raven kit which is priced at £175 complete, including the full jig and a0 drawing. I say ‘complete, but it doesn’t include covering, glue and any electronics. Postage is extra, unless you are able to collect. Thanks for your interest and, once again, apologies for missing your post.
  9. Hi Tony, sorry to hear that you are having problems with your transmitter and health, It would be a real shame if we lost you from competition flying and the sport in general as you have done so much in recent years to keep the competitions going in this part of the country. Could you add me to the list for Sunday. Hope to see you there. David.
  10. So sorry this has caught up with you Tony, I know you have been fighting it a long time. Hope we can chat on Sunday
  11. In case anyone was in any doubt, the event is on. See you all at the field in the morning.
  12. Really really sorry to hear about your troubles, here's to hoping you get as much enjoyment from rc sailing as you did F5J, and that you pop round from time to time.
  13. Hi folks. I can’t find my Pandora. I may have left I behind at comp, end of last year. It’s attached to a white corflute clipboard. If anyone has it. Please bring along tomorrow. Thanks looking forward to some fun flying. Edited: Scrap that! Found it Will.
  14. Hi Ian, I'm a maybe at this stage. Will confirm later.
  15. oipigface

    Another nose repair - canopy style

    Kevlar behaves better, Phil, if you soak it in thin cyano before sanding. It's still not fun, but it's better. Try not to inhale the fumes!
  16. Thanks guys. Simon - nothing wrong with radio gear. John H and I were getting a couple of other FrSky Rxs to bind last year and probably changed the firmware in my Taranis. Getting firmware versions right in Txs and Rxs is a frikken nightmare with FrSky sometimes. Tried binding to my RadioMaster Boxer (Multi protocol) still no joy so ... I've been struggling for years to survive 7 hours in a field, stumbling around in long grass, etc. I'd get home, even from only 5 miles up the road (Little Bentley) and could barely move I was so tired and stiff. Imagine an old LiPo that can only hold a 50% charge, that's how I've been for the last 3 years at least. Before I might have had a 70% charge but none of us are getting younger and my chronic health issues are really catching up with me. Physically - I'm not sure what the correct medical term is - but I'm . . . (I can still ) I find it easier to cope with 4 hours by a pond or lake with toilets on site or very close by. A cafe nearby is also a bonus at certain places. Much more civilised. El Ninos not sold at this point. Interest has been shown and they will go if the price is right. I'll drop in on Sunday if the comp. goes ahead - forecast getting a bit windy for flying at the moment. Field ought to be OK but I'll check it later - just had unforcasted squall with 4mm hail scream through. Sunday's weather fine for sailing though with a smaller wing (B sail rig). Sailing, flying - it's still about the wind, wing (sail) shape. etc. Rules are a pain to learn and a big part of races.
  17. Since we made it up to 12 I was already going to matrix for 3 groups. I'm CD too unless anyone else fancies taking the responsibility (since Neil managed to double book himself).
  18. Pretty please, I beg we have 3 groups rather than 2? It's much more relaxing to fly one round, time the next, and have a round off.
  19. Richard Newsham

    Any new models ?

    Purito in the electric F5L format. I also have the Purito in F3L. One wing, two fuselages. Both fly very nicely. Edit:- This is 'new' to me. Not I guess a new, new model which is perhaps what you are after. Richard
  20. PeteMitchell

    Any new models ?

    With only 3 launches it’s a bit early to say. It coped with the wind very well and was easy to fly. Not sure the holes in the airbrakes made a lot of difference but landing wasvery controlled. From memory I think the Vaiana is a bit more ‘floaty’ and would have needed some ballast to fly in the same wind I flew the Encanto in.
  21. JBF

    El Ninos for sale

    Thanks, but having done a bit of research I think it's probably a bit light (and therefore fragile) for my needs.
  22. Sorry to hear how you feel, Tony, but quite understand. Good luck. Regards, Eddy.
  23. MikeE

    Any new models ?

    I ordered a Baudis GP15 last August as a operation and six months recovery loomed. As something to look forward to in the spring it worked a treat. Delivered in Feb, but due to weather/hols etc, first flight was last weekend. Built light with 2 packs of 18650 batteries and a Practicalrc Red Pico switch/ battery backer. I was surprised just how well it flew at such light weight. Always great when a model has momentum and speed without having to add loads of weight.
  24. Very sorry to hear this Tony, could your radio gear not be sent back for repairs, or even in extremis, be replaced?
  25. Last week
  26. cirrusRC

    Any new models ?

    Pete, is it much of a step up from the Vaiana Sport? I know of one other member building the Encanto.
  27. PeteMitchell

    Any new models ?

    Not seen any new models on here for a while, any one else got something to show ? I built this Encanto during the winter and was able to give it a few maiden flights recently on a rare fine but breezy day when it had stopped raining. Hope to enter a few comps with it.
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