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  2. cirrusRC

    Hungary 2019 wc

    Well done to the team. Thanks for the all updates on FB. How high does Joe W launch to? Did they cut the comp down from 15 rounds to 12? Was surprised not to see PomPom in the WC - did he just not make the team? Congrats to Henri.
  3. SilentPilot

    Vintage radio controlled glider kit - (EMP) Algebra 1000 S

    Maybe these types of posts can go in the discussion forum under Other Subjects - General Discussion. You're not selling anything so don't put it in FS/W, but you are highlighting something that someone else may be interested in, just what forums are for. Just got to find an appropriate section
  4. Hi. Dad has a couple of models he is querying whether to electrify. Option A: Sumo 100" Fantasia - Rudder/Elevator. Well over 30 years old and what I learnt to fly with using a bungee. Performance is good but it's a big old heavy model. I believe the same company also did an electric version (Rhapsody). Initially I was thinking this old lump wasn't worth electrifying but open to suggestions. We'd rather use a non geared motor and do things on the cheap (thinking hobbyking stuff). It will need to fit in existing fuse. Anyone already done this conversion? Open to suggestions regarding motor + ESC + lipo. 2 piece wing : 518g emtpy fuse : 537g Option B: Jockey Slingsby Eagle 2 meter wing (245g), Rudder, Elevator + home built fuselage with an ASP12 IC motor. AUW 1042g. Plan is to keep the wing but build a new lighter fuselage ready for electric . Need an idea of the motor dimensions to ensure build fuselage to correct dimensions to accommodate it. Electric AUW would likely be around 700g ish. Looking for motor suggestions that would be adequate for flat field thermalling. Fun over performance.
  5. pete beadle

    Vintage radio controlled glider kit - (EMP) Algebra 1000 S

    Hi all I must admit I was guilty of this sort of thing when I first joined the forum.......my excuse was that I thought I was being helpful ........however, one of the other members PM'd me at the time and gave me some tips on alternative ways to provide this king of info and, hopefully I haven't strayed since Seems to me that Marc was just trying to be helpful and, as EsKee said, shouldn't be penalised for trying to be helpful....... Many years ago, a senior executive I worked to at the time, gave me a helpful piece of advice, he said, "Apart from re-reading what you are about to commit to the WWW, to be sure you are saying what you mean in a positive way.....if you're NOT quite sure, sleep on it, wait 'til the next morning, and see if you still think the mail/post needs to be sent.........quite often you won't!" Regards Pete BARCS1702
  6. Mark Evans

    NRJ dlg

    NRJ from Anton Ovcharenko (builder of the Armsoar BAMF) Strong layup but still comes in around 215g RTF I think. Please note the model is currently built for a LEFT HANDED thrower. Complete set up, comes with 4X KST 08 V5 (2 are brand new in the box) the official ballast kit and a set of home made wing bags. Plane is in good condition but I did crack the nose, which I have repaired with CA and a couple of Carbon patches on the inside. The nose cone I repaired with CA and then painted White, but it will need a fresh coat of paint. Tried to show a photo of this. No damage anywhere to rest of plane. The wing is still like new apart from having the peg in the right tip. Very strong wing, finish is flawless on these planes from Anton. Rest of plane is good too, no chips on tails or anything, just a shame I'm a Left hander which makes resale a little harder and the fact you need to move the peg and the vert/rudder around. Only selling as it's getting late in the year now and I have started flying on the Vortex 3 which I prefer due to more space in the nose for rc gear. Will include the Vlad pull string kit for the tails and some fresh wire to make new aileron pushrods up. Would prefer collection from Redditch Worcestershire but I can figure something out to post it safely I'm sure. Or it might be possible to deliver to the BMFA centre for the F3K rounds on 10/11 August if I can make it. Looking for £550 ovno Please make any interest known below also if you intended to PM.
  7. taggarc

    New FrSky RX4R and RX6R mini recievers

    Old post but they are now supplied all soldered up. Got mine from here - excellent service / good prices https://www.hobbyrc.co.uk/frsky-g-rx6-6ch16ch-receiver-with-variometer
  8. Yesterday
  9. Jef Ott

    Nan Models Xplorer 3, 3.8m F5J

    Maybe you could help us help you with answers to these - How many cells in the (LiPo?) battery? C Rating of the Cells? KV (speed per volt) rating of the motor? Does it have a gearbox between the motor and the prop? Max Motor current? Max ESC current? Jef
  10. wookman

    Nan Models Xplorer 3, 3.8m F5J

    The best prop will be hugely influenced by the motor and gearbox and the current delivery capability of your battery. These factors will be much more important than the airframe. More info required for any advice to be meaningful.
  11. Hi, I would like to find the best propeller for this model, at present it has a 14 x 7 aero-nought cam prop. I have read several forums and contacted Nan Models, but no reply after a week and a half. Some forums recommend GM 14 x 7, RFM 12.5 x8 or a Hdoye 12 x 6.5. If someone out there could recommend the best prop for this, I would be very grateful Thanks in advance
  12. John H

    F5J competition 28 July, Bartletts

    Nick, will you please enter Paul Wainwright and me, both Open Thanks john hovell
  13. martynk

    6th 2019 2m Hi Start 14 day Challenge

    I am so sorry Paul, I did read your post than my mind had a senior moment: It can be so frustrating.. Did you get the rudder fixed OK?
  14. paulj

    6th 2019 2m Hi Start 14 day Challenge

    Hi Martyn, are you planning on adding my rather measly 1:37 from above? Hopefully I will better it this weekend...
  15. Munch197

    Wanted moulded glider

    This thread is worth a read... Plenty of suggestions and advice
  16. pete beadle

    Wanted moulded glider

    Hi Nic8 Persevering to get on BMFA Classifieds is well worth the time and effort, although they're mostly power flyers they have a much larger membership than we do Might be a good idea to say you'd prefer potential buyers to be located in the South of England though, as they don't have "F3F Mail" Lots of glider-flyers down your way - especially on the "A27 corridor slopes" - try "Slope Soaring Sussex" as well Regards Pete BARCS1702
  17. Nic8

    Wanted moulded glider

    Thanks, I currently trying to do that and having a night mare getting logged in, even with the admins help. I am logged in then, out
  18. Eddy Small

    What is it about HK's Bolt 3S 850mah?

    Yes Peter, I use these lipo`s in all my gliders and have found them to be very reliable and long lasting. Eddy.
  19. I've been using this sized Bolt lipo for a couple of seasons now and all of them are working just fine. Its bigger brother, the 1,000mah, started to swell and blow soon after purchase but the 850 just keeps on going and remains as hard as a rock. I accidentally flattened one but that's recovered just fine. Just wondered if anyone else has the same experience that I have? Peter
  20. Dave Elam

    Wanted moulded glider

    Have you put a wanted advert on BMFA Classifieds. I generally get good results from doing that.
  21. Nic8

    Wanted moulded glider

    Just edited my advert, to include an example of the type of model I am looking for, A Willow.
  22. Baldyslapnut

    BMFA F3F League 2 Wales 28th July

  23. martynk

    6th 2019 2m Hi Start 14 day Challenge

    Unfortunately, its not that easy to move John. Its also very close to the stall on launch anyway. When you see it, you'll see what I mean, I don't think it will be happy further back, I have to hold a little down at launch to stop it pinging off on the near vertical start phase
  24. Marc Sinclair

    Wanted moulded glider

    Funny thread this lol
  25. Entry is now open for League 2: http://www.gbsra.co.uk/competition-entries
  26. Last week
  27. Marc Sinclair

    4mtr Maxa

    Absolutely stunning wixy! They really look like hard-core/high-tech thermal hunters...Beautiful design.
  28. John Minchell

    6th 2019 2m Hi Start 14 day Challenge

    Martyn Have you tried moving the tow hook rearwards a couple of mm at a time, as you may find you can get higher launches doing that and / or moving the CG to the rear in small increments? Just a thought John M
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