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  2. mikef

    New F3K Co-ordinator required.

    Time to bring this subject up again. There was some interest shown earlier in the year by folks prepared to take this job on, or at least help with parts of it. The time has come to get an F3K Coordinator nomination in for the AGM to vote on. Post here or PM if you are still interested in all or part of the job. I am happy to answer questions or expand on the Job Description I published above. It is now time to decide if we want to run a Eurotour event in 2021 (pandemic permitting) it will need rapid action to get the admin done in time. Then there is next year's calendar to sor
  3. AnthonyB


    Hello colin. Every esc I have ever bought over the last 20 years has had caps on. Some times I have even replaced them, if all was not going well. That a quad does not have them on the esc does not mean they don't have or need them. I have read in "the blurb" for some of these new esc's that there are a lot of caps actually in the circuit. So, I have now used about 20 of these and I love them. I have also bought ones like the Plush_32 - 120A for one of my F5J models where I wanted over 1kw input. As soon as you buy "ready to go" esc's with heat shrink on, they do have caps.
  4. ThermalBoy


    I have not seen anyone so far using an electrolytic cap(s) with their Drone ESC's. The high quality Tekko Metal F3 ESC 65A is supplied with a cap but the instructions state that its not required unless you are using 6+ cells. I've not used Caps on any of the Drone ESC's I've tested nor have Kevin & John who were involved in the initial testing. No problems reported. What apparently is important in this regard though according to an electronics engineer I spoke to, is that you set braking to be 60-80% max. Be sure to turn on "Damped Mode" in the BL Heli Software. If you dont the brake
  5. The guys in Redditch could probably help - for a fee.
  6. John Minchell

    My Gast Vacuum pump. Customer service at its best.

    Just been looking to rebuild mine, but I need some new carbon vanes and they are about £150. I would have to cut them down from larger ones so a bit wary of spending the money, then not cutting to the size accurately with tapered wipeing edges on the vane pump. The twin piston pump I can't get the electric motor to start or run - a capacitor issue I think, but not being an electrician I'm stumped. Was hoping to finish a couple of sets of wings and tails over winter. John M
  7. Hi Mick, Sure. I bought a Jeti DS-16 II last week, primarily for the 900mhz dual RX system. I’ve been getting into larger moulded gliders over the last couple of years, which made me nervous about flying without some additional redundancy in my RC system. Cheers Ben
  8. Hi Ben, may I ask the reason for you selling your T/X Regards Mick
  9. Marc RC pilot

    Condor soaring PC simulator

  10. Last week
  11. f3fman

    F3F Article 1990

    Greg, your Dad must have been thinking of someone else
  12. AnthonyB


    Here is a Hacker B20-15L with a tiny 20A Bl_Heli esc from my Facebook page “Gliding North West” in August '18. The reason I am showing it is that it was deemed to be necessary to add an electrolytic cap (low ESR) to all esc's. I will add also that since that date I have tried to use these tiny things and a 2S battery with HV servos on all builds. So no bec or sbec. Even with a 4m F5J, it only really needs 350W to get to height. So 6.6v x 53A = 350W. Scrolling through here, there is no sign of any caps being used – Has nobody had problems ?
  13. More than a decade I bought a Gast vacuum pump from ebay for next to nothing. Under £25, if I remember right. It works, but has not been perfect ever since I got it. It’s got one foot broken, and the the filter has never been effective because the plastic housing was smashed. Recently, I’ve been using it quite often and I thought it deserved refurbishing a bit, so I contacted Gast’s representatives in Redditch to see if the smashed filter was still available. Today an unexpected parcel arrived including new filter housing and three filters. No mention of any payment! Now I’m looking for a
  14. Hi all, I’m selling my Futaba 18SZ. I bought this transmitter new from Slough Radio Control Models in July 2017 for a little under £900, so it’s only just three years old. It is in excellent condition and has only been used for gliders and electric aircraft. No fuels etc. It’s currently setup for mode 2 but this is configurable of course. The sale also includes: Futaba Deluxe TX case (£72 new) Used for storage and transportation. Futaba Large Soft Case (£30 new) - Useful for transporting from car to slope/flying site Original manual Original charge plug
  15. Baldyslapnut

    F3F Article 1990

    Hi Iain, Of course you did. Thank you for reminding me. Dad thought you were a very polite young man. Greg
  16. satinet

    FrSky Servo Chatter with Telemetry

    There isn't really anyway of knowing until you try it as manufacturers don't advertise the fact that their servos don't work properly in a modern RF system. I have only got one model with standard size servos and it's doesn't have telemetry, so I can't advise.
  17. Not really protocol, just make an offer in the topic then everyone can see where its going and who's doing what.
  18. Done, sorry to breach protocol. I'll think before jumping next time. Bert
  19. pete beadle

    Wanted - F3F Model

    Hi all Any resolution yet? If there is a Viking out there unsold I'm sure there are others who would be interested If I wasn't "thinning out the fleet" at present I certainly would be If they're both gone I think it would be a good idea to close the ad as SOLD don't you? Regards Pete BARCS1702
  20. Hi blaan Negotiations like this are best done via PM Regards Pete BARCS1702
  21. Redbird

    FrSky Servo Chatter with Telemetry

    Well for what it's worth, I have found Kingmax wing servos to be silent and still under no load using Frsky G-rx8, which makes a nice change to annoying noisy old mks6125 's but the KST tail servos chatter a little.
  22. Neil Harrison

    Dlg in Scotland

    I know of someone who flies DLG in Aberdeen if that’s any good?
  23. Scruffmeister

    FrSky Servo Chatter with Telemetry

    Agreed, this isn't a firmware issue. But for the record I am on the latest ACCST 2.1.0. Thanks, these are just bog standard Hitec HS-645MG in the body of my Phase 5. Any tips on which servos are less susceptible?
  24. satinet

    FrSky Servo Chatter with Telemetry

    The problem is with the servos. Updating your Rx isn't going to alter the interference the servos can't cope with.
  25. William

    FrSky Servo Chatter with Telemetry

    What update are you on? Have you updated Tx and Rx to ACCST 2.1.0 and if so, have you re-bound the receiver?
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