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  2. I will always admire someone who is prepared to spend the time and effort to scratch build such a machine. Well done Omega. Weight really will not be an issue as you will most likely fly it ballasted anyway!
  3. Afraid I've been away from the forum today as I've been up in the Lake District most of the day, having fun in my Smart Roadster on some great roads with some great scenery. Good to see the thread getting plenty of use and comments and thanks to everyone who has offered me openly, and privately, some very nice gliders. I've replied to everyone in private and am interested in what's been offered. Obviously there's only room (and funding - with SWMBO approval) for one glider at the moment so hopefully some other folk may get the chance to obtain one of those I don't purchase. Obviously you can never have too much choice so if anyone else has anything they would like to part with then I would be interested, as would the others I'm sure.
  4. I for one can vouch for Pete's models and his extremely fair pricing of them. He has offered three models here that are clearly an absolute bargain and if I was you I would snap them up while they're available. I'm very tempted on the NYX myself but just can't justify it as I'm still thoroughly enjoying the vikos that I bought off Pete 👌
  5. I'd have thought 40 amps going through 18 awg cable for 25 secs is going to warm those cables quite nicely. I would suggest at least 'very afraid' possibly bordering on petrified. 18 awg is servo cable isn't it? Remember, don't let the smoke out!
  6. Trim some XPS or similar foam to the size of space, make sure it's standing out of the wing a little so that in later stage you can sand it down. Glue it in with satisfactory amount of epoxy & aerosil/microballon. Sand the excessive amount of foam to section shape (frog tape around the hole to avoid damaging the healthy part). If it's a carbon wing use some Carboline/textreme/Vlad etc. to cover up the patch and add some glass for top layer, if glass, use a layer or 2 of 25-50g/m2. Make sure it's overlapping on the edge of the healthy part of the wing. Wet the fabric on the side on a piece of PET/mylar etc. cut to the shape of that section of the wing. Stick it on, press from top and bottom with some foam, the kind you find in furniture etc. and let it set. With enough luck you'd end up with a not-so-heavy need-no-putty patch. All you've got to do afterwards is to sand it with some 1000-1500 wet sanding paper and paint spray lightly. That's at least how I'd do it. Tried in past with hollow mouldies with good success. PS. Instead of making tow 'structure', mould a piece that would cover the whole patch on the other side of the wing. Then use some XPS to fill the gap and glue in using Epoxy & filler.
  7. As per the user manual, to perform a range test you must stand 30 paces (approx. 90 feet/28 meters) away from the model. From experience I tell you that some of my models used to fail the range test at 30 paces, so I measured "my 30 paces" and found out that it exceeds the 28 meters mark, so I adjusted the test to 25 paces (which is equivalent to 28 meters) and never had a bad range result ever since. Carlos
  8. What sort of spec do I need to look for in a DLG servo? Torque ratings etc. My Stark is nearing completion so I'm looking to kit it out. Many thanks for any advice.
  9. Hi all The three models mentioned in my reply to Dave Elam, the Aris, the Nyx and the Extreme, are the only ones I have, that meet his criteria .......... "sensibly priced, 2.8 - 3.0 metre, two-piece wing, V-tail, (although the Nyx is a X-tail, it meets all the other criteria) F3F model" I have others, that I don't want to sell just yet, that don't.......they will be advertised later this year The prices I am offering these models at, are all less than the prices I paid to buy them. The price of the Extreme would have been even lower if I hadn't had to replace two servos that failed soon after I bought the prices are not based on condition, age or whether they are currently in vogue, they are based on what I consider to be a fair price for them.....if you disagree with my prices, please don't buy them Regards Pete BARCS1702
  10. Sorry to hijack this thread, but just so I'm sure, which one is the cross tail? The Nyx?
  11. Had a quick trip to T9 to get some longer antennas. They are now routed outside, they in fact come out where the front remote antennas emerged before. I didn't realise that these longer antennas (I took the model so we could see which length would be best, ended up with a pair of 400mm) I didn't realise they had the diapole fitment at the end. Threading them in I had to go backwards! Once installed I tried a range check. It was going well at first, telemetry working, good control from various orientations and generally things looking pretty good But then it stopped... I had no control whatsoever. Whilst going through a fault finding check I noticed the Rx battery was 3.5V Flat battery Oh well, they're on charge now and I'll check again tomorrow. I measured 30 paces from the top of my drive to the other side of the street. It passed this test last time around while sat on its stand on the floor (only a few inches above ground level). I've since found out that range checks are more reliable if done 1m or so above the ground, on non conducive material, so I'll sit this stand on my wheelybin for the next test.
  12. Sonhas the extreme been binned and repaired at all ? why is the price half that of the aris ?
  13. Extreme is an excellent price for an excellent plane which would still be my top recommendation for a beginner at F3F. If extra ballast is required, it can be added in tubes fitted in the wings, or in the joiner.
  14. Hi Martyn, have you used the Graupner winch you bought yet?
  15. Hold the bus !! I'm back in !! .... customer rearranged maria 118672 2.4GHz
  16. looks like its on hold now since May's announcement to hold a general election
  17. 😀 Come forth old friend, the Salto awaits you - it may beckon the beginnings of a golden dawn of aerobatic performance, and I will accept your hermetic order.....
  18. Count me in please. I wasn't sure if I would be available but we are not going away this weekend and I have a pass! Simon J. 110922 on 2.4
  19. 2 Week ago we are come to Genova where there is a "small slope", and we have flied with 2 Graecalis.
  20. Hi Andy Actually, although the original ad from Dave Elam started this topic it was my AD that I used as my reply to Dave's OP So yes it was my reply but also my ad.......OK? Regards Pete BARCS1702
  21. Has the extreme been damaged at all ? does seem quite cheap for that model compared to the others !
  22. Actually Pete its not your ADD , the op was a request for an F3F model . You happend to reply to it .
  23. The Extreme looks like a bargain....
  24. Hi Mark, Either a screenshot, photo, or covering email from BMFA is fine. RIchard
  25. I was only an opinion. My bad.
  26. Hi Omega Are you aware that your comments have now changed the direction of my ad completely? it now seems to be a discussion about the ballasting for Extremes in general I'd really appreciate it if you would open a topic on "ballasting the Extreme", if that's what you want to discuss, and put your comments there, and not in the middle of my ad,....... if you don't mind........ Regards Pete BARCS1702
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