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  2. This just in from Manny - sent at 2255 Good evening Mike Firstly, thank you and well done on another very successful F3K event at the National Centre, the feedback has been very positive, hopefully we can get a repeat in the diary for next year (including the weather). Thank you for your Email pointing me to the posting on the BARCS Forum. Whilst I usually avoid posting on forums (there just aren’t enough hours in the day) sometimes a response is appropriate, would you be kind enough to post this in its entirety on my behalf as I am not a registered member? One of the problems with forum posts is that once they are out they are out, whether accurate or not they are in the public domain, that is in no way a criticism of Tony’s post however there are a few points that deserve clarification. I am pleased that Tony regards the Centre as a success and the general feedback we receive very much supports this view. Season tickets are always sold on the basis that they are predominantly a midweek ticket with access to some bonus weekends and also access to relevant events. The price has been pitched to reflect this and we are aware that for most of our season ticket holders it is a second or third flying facility, we would not want to “lure” members away from their home club, the price of £70.00 means that it they don’t have to visit many times to make it financially attractive compared to the day ticket price of £8.00 per day. Also the feedback from a significant proportion of season ticket holders (there are currently 80 in total) is that they purchase a ticket as a show of support for the project rather than because they are regular flyers, it has to be said that overall use of the site is still very light during the week, the other big benefit that season tickets report enjoying is exposure to the large range of disciplines that we accommodate at the Centre during the course of the year. Each year (and remember it is still early days) we try to plan a calendar that provides a broad spread of activity that will appeal to as many flyers and visitors as possible, a proportion of these events are open events such as the SAM 35 galas (which now include the very successful swapmeets) where we have radio, control line and free flight all taking place at the same time, also the events run by the Achievement Scheme Committee are open to all and there a are also sport fly events such as the Midland Area Fly-in which are open to all, there is also plenty of opportunity for day ticket flyers to turn up and fly mid-week and any club can book an away-day, on this basis I would strongly argue that the Centre is open to all and in not in any way “selective”, it is also worth noting that camping at BMFA Buckminster is becoming popular and more flyers are taking short model flying holidays at the National Centre in addition to those who camp for events and competitions. Where possible we do run activities and events concurrently, a good example is Control Line events that fit very well with the R/C flying due to the location of the circles (we recently hosted the Freestyle Master which brought 31 of the UK’s best fixed wing free style flyers to the Centre and on the same weekend we hosted a control line combat comp with over 30 entries) however some disciplines are not compatible and require exclusive use of the site (the F3K and BARCS eventsbeing good examples) the recent bank holiday weekend was designated as a quiet weekend so the Sat/Sun worked well for F3K whilst the Friday and Monday were set aside for season ticket holders electric/quiet flight only. In terms of the finances, the use of the National Centre doesn’t provide “a stream of cash to the BMFA” the income generated from season tickets, day tickets and event bookingscover the cost of running and administering the site, after the rent, rates, electric, diesel, water, wages, machine maintenance etc etc (it’s a very long list of expenditure) are paid, any surplus will go into further developing the facilities for the benefit of those who use the Centre, it is a tight but transparent budget (it’s published with the BMFA paperwork prior to the AGM) I hope this has picked up the main concerns expressed in Tony’s posting. Additionally I note Phil’s comment in the thread, it is of course down to personal viewpoint and perspective but we regularly receive visitors from each end of the country for the various events, some flyers happily travel long distances to compete or attend events for their particular area of interest but I appreciate it isn’t for everyone, at present we are certainly receiving strong support and not just from local flyers, two of our season ticket holders live in Glasgow, one in Plymouth and another in North Wales, certainly not just for the locals. Mike, thank you for your post in the same thread, points well made. With kind regards Manny W
  3. Hi Mikey. I have had a rummage through the archive and found the article you are after. If you still need it I can scan it and send it over tomorrow evening. It forms part of that months "on the edge" column that Andy "Slopetrashuk" Ellison wrote for RCM&E for many years with his much missed (by me) informative, entertaining and forthright style. Andy makes it very clear that not all Sitar Specials were that special!
  4. Don't worry to much. I have decided that I am far away from the wind indicator pole that was at the bottom end of the field and I decided that will do that last turn in front of the pole. The result is a damaged wing and fuse but she will fly again. We have to do some repairs from time to time cause otherwise we'll forget what a resin is
  5. Kyri

    BAMF boom repair

    I would add tows on the outside, use epoxy but get most of it off. The sides are where the strength is needed most. I have a pic somewhere of how I get the epoxy off the tows by pulling them through epoxy with a blade / scraper on a bit of balsa.
  6. PaulR

    BAMF boom repair

    So the question is, where do I go from here. Is it strong enough as it is? Should I fill the cracks with epoxy and micro balloons? Should I add some uni-tape on the outside or some tow? Do I cut slots in the side and add some solid carbon to bridge the gap?
  7. Buckminster is 134 miles for me so I'm never going to have a season ticket or use it on a casual basis. I go there three or four times a year for special events and I always get a buzz going down the entrance road to our very own BMFA National Centre. The vast majority of BMFA members will not visit often but I think all should consider taking in a big event from time to time. I was at the F3K/DLG 'come and try' over Easter and we had 36 members attend on one or both days. Perfect weather and the presence of the World Champion from Holland made it a very special event. I think our furthest travelled was from Sunderland. If the site turns down big events at weekends and Club days during the week, the prices of season tickets and daily tickets will go up rapidly as fewer members from further away will attend if the number of 'big events' is reduced Shared use is difficult if a formal event is organised unless it's planned in advance but that's not possible for those who want to just turn up and fly so it can't normally be accommodated. I have drawn the attention of Manny, the National Centre's Manager, to this thread to give him a chance to comment.
  8. Paul Gleeson

    BAMF boom repair

    looking good so far...
  9. PaulR

    BAMF boom repair

    I’ve drilled and filed out most of the balsa to allow the control lines to run through and then glued it in place to bridge the gap between the two broken halves. I’ve taken in out of the jig I taped it in to for alignment and it all seems good. The two halves are not quite together at all points as the crack didn’t quite come together all the way around.
  10. Paul Gleeson

    Spektrum Gear

    Just converted to FrSky, so some of my Spektrum gear is for sale... 2 x AR410 RX - 4ch telemetry. £10 each 2 x LemonRC LM0052 - 7ch telemetry with built in altitude/vario. Needs 5V supply. £20 each 2 x Spektrum altitude/vario sensor SPMA9589. £30 each 1 x LemonRC LM0041 - 7ch telemetry. £15 PM me if you are interested Thanks, Paul
  11. Neil Harrison

    BMFA F3K Event #1 - 27th April 2019 - Twywell

    Long term forecast at this stage is looking good, although predictably windy Bring ballast or CX4
  12. PaulR

    BAMF boom repair

    Once that was cured I ended up with a carbon/balsa plug that fits tightly.
  13. Pre-flight, every flight. Saved me from a disaster with my NRJ due a reversed launch preset.
  14. PaulR

    BAMF boom repair

    So following the accident at the weekend I have been repairing the boom of my BAMF. What I’ve done is made a balsa plug that fits inside and then covered that in strips of 80gsm unidirectional carbon tape.
  15. Gary B

    Multiplex Arriba

    Some progress, but it's not very exciting! Still rubbing down the wings, I read a good tip recently (can't remember where though) about viewing lumps and bumps by holding the wing up parallel to a neon strip light, works a treat. I've finally given in with sanding the ailerons and tailplanes, they've been doped ready for lightweight tissue. A couple of small cosmetic jobs at the wing tip were fixing dog eared aileron cut outs (both sides) and the tip trailing edge was not straight, also both sides.
  16. Everything was working immediately prior to changing the battery. New battery went in and it seems that things didn’t initialise properly. It seemed fine after turning it off and on again. This was completely separate to the intermittent servo issue in my Vibe which I think I have traced to some dry solder joints on the receiver which I’m assuming were caused by my attempts to connect power wires to the pins.
  17. Phil.Taylor

    BMFA Buckminster. To much of a success?

    Good that someone is getting good use out of a nationally funded local flying site. Its an utter irrelevance to me & probably most other BMFA members. Phil.
  18. Nigel Castle

    XPerience Pro Ballast

    Thanks for the info Chaps hopefully I can pick up a set from Mike in the next couple of weeks and that will sort out the issue nicely.
  19. SoggyBoots

    Hello from the edge of the Atlantic

    Hi Pete. I don't have one spot in particular I'm a bit of a back country pilot if you will. There are a few spots that are recognised on the forums but not really anywhere else. My friend here Woodstock has covered a lot of ground trying to find good spots and he's showing me a few places that are a bit more accessible.
  20. pete beadle

    Hello from the edge of the Atlantic

    Hi Soggy Boots Welcome to the BARCS forum Interesting landing area! Where do you usually fly?......is it a recognised/ dedicated site?.....or sites? Regards Pete BARCS1702
  21. Did you find out what went wrong? Were the other controls working before and after the accident?
  22. Boom broke at the point the elevator pull string exits . Launched and only had elevator control. As I instinctively pulled the brakes near the ground, it nosed in due to no brakes but working elevator compensation. Repair thread coming soon as I have some questions...
  23. Nooooo! Nosed in on launch? Much damage?
  24. SoggyBoots

    Hello from the edge of the Atlantic

    Hi all. The names Ben Osborne. New to the forums but not new to smashing up gliders. Living in the south west of Kerry Ireland. Theres very few modellers here but we are growing in numbers slowly but surely. Look forward to chatting with you all and even meeting those who come to the Kerry glide in hosted by Woodstock.
  25. Jonathan W

    Introducing our "Pico Switch+"

    Introducing our "Pico Switch+" perfect for F3X More information here: -http://www.practicalrc.com/pico-switch.html All switches now come with silicone wire. 22AWG - ~7A Max ~14A for seconds. 20AWG(+) - ~14A Max ~20A for seconds. The semiconductor can withstand ~50A Max peak Standby Current (Off State) - ~4µA Features: - Our intelligent Magnetic Switch knows what ON/OFF state it’s in, If the battery is disconnected with the switch in its off state, it will remember this for Seconds. If the battery is disconnected when turned ON, the switch will be default ON when reconnected. Our switches have an interactive feature - The LED flashes under normal use, when the magnet is placed over the active area, the LED goes solid "ON" as the magnet is sensed, as soon as the timer has counted 3 seconds the LED goes "OFF" and gives a confirmation FLASH until the magnet is moved away. Swipe version - The Blue LED is on constant until turned OFF. Our magnetic switch utilizes a Hall Effect Sensor (no mechanical switching parts). Careful firmware design ensures that stray magnetic fields cannot toggle the switch incorrectly; we guarantee 99.9% operating under normal conditions. Positively switched – Ideal for electric models, esc safe, there’s no need for an opto isolator. Safe and reliable: - Default ON – if the battery is disconnected (whilst in its ON State) and then reconnected the output will turn ON 99.9% of the time. I.e. brownout due to bad battery connection. The magnetic switch is programmed to sample the magnet over the sensor for a set period without interruption and only then will it turn the output OFF. Extremely resilient to magnetic interference due to the switches microcontroller that is programmed with an algorithm. More information here: -http://www.practicalrc.com/pico-switch.html
  26. It was a really enjoyable weekend - right up until my BAMF nosed in on Sunday Thanks to everyone who contributed.
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