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  2. Gromit

    Southern Winter League F3f 2018/19.

    Venue Advisory ;- Eastbourne The various forecasts are predicting the wind to be coming from a SSE - E direction from friday right through until the middle of next week, the venue advisory is therefore Eastbourne. Stu, Whitesheet Comp Sec.
  3. John Minchell

    Electric motor ID

    Are there any electric motor guru's out there? I have an old Aveox brushless inrunner which has no ID info on the label, so I don't know what it is or the input power it can handle. Its just the right size for one of my airframes and I would like to use it. I know how I can work out the Kv (revs per volt) with a disc on the shaft, a rev counter and a variable power source. But how do you work out the max amps and volts it can handle? I have an old Aveox advert and can establish that it is one of about 3 or 4 posibilities but with Delta and Y winds (which I do not understand) I am stuck. The sensor ESC it came with was damaged and did not work, but can handle 5 to 16 cells (6v to 19.2v) or 2 to 5 LiPo cells. However that is not really a definitive answer for the motor itself. Anyone got a simple test method to work out max amps or volts or watts please? TIA JohnM
  4. Hi Tony, 2 Metre please, channel 78. Thanks David.
  5. Thanks Pete. I'm so easily confused these days. Now I'm embarrassed to be corrected by an old sage like you. I'm in, and I don't care if there are to few of us to run a competition. Peter
  6. Don't be confused Peter, Tony's plan is to run the comp this coming Sunday and then another one some time in March. Like always, the next date depends on the weather
  7. Hopefully should be able to count me in. I take it there's no need to state 2m or open.
  8. oipigface

    Futaba receivers

    I’ve been fitting the receiver R7006 in the new PB2 this afternoon. Made a Y-lead, plugged it all in and tried to bind it by holding the button down and switching on. No joy, so I read the instructions, switched it to 6-channel mode, switched it to FASST Low-speed mode, and succeeded finally in binding it. Question is this: Is there any advantage to using FASST High-speed mode? In particular, will it enable me to fly faster?
  9. Now I'm confused, Tony. Do you mean you're cancelling this Sunday's event (not that I've entered it - yet) and, instead, you are hoping to run a comp in March, or are you running one this Sunday and hoping to do so again in March?
  10. A HN Extreme Fuz, new unflown, complete with all the ballast, x2 digi servos. This will also fit with Rotmilan wings. £150 plus £5 postage.
  11. Baldyslapnut

    Flight Composites Swift

    Hi Brett, Good thinking. PM sent Greg
  12. oipigface

    Wales F3F Winter League Dates 2018/19

    My PB2 has now got one and two half wings. It was its first competition as my model of choice and it took me a couple of rounds to reduce all the throws for about the twentieth time. I was rewarded with a sub-40 in R3. I’ve always had trouble seeing this model. Despite the luminous orange bits, it just disappears from sight particularly when it is turning towards the pilot, and the profile is at its lowest. I had been losing it three or four times every time I walked back to the landing area but always picked it up again as its attitude changed. Then in the fifth round, I lost sight of it once too often, and only caught sight of it again as it smashed into the deck. I’m thinking of ordering a replacement wing with the colours reversed.
  13. Grant

    Dreamflight Alula Trek

    Dreamflight Alula Trek Hitec HS 40 Servos Dreamflight battery £90 collected ( RX in Pic is NOT included ) Only flown a handfull of times Great condition and just a few very slight marks ( see pics ) see pics here https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/223408886939 No postage as want cash on collection please Paignton South Devon TQ4 Area
  14. Garry (and everyone) - depending on the weather in March we may try for another pre-season romp
  15. Hi Tony, I’m down in Plymouth this weekend so can’t take advantage of all your efforts to get an early comp. Have a great day and I’ll see you next comp. Regards Garry
  16. SilentPilot

    WANTED big floaty ELG

    My Radian XL is now surplus to requirements. The XL gets a bit of a bad deal over on RCGroups, I stay away from that thread now because some trolls just keep banging on about it being a "pig" because it's too heavy. Many of these people haven't flown the XL and don't intend to but they keep saying other gliders are better. One guy insists his Multiplex Heron can thermal better. There's no chance of that! The XL is heavy, no denying that, but it carries the weight extremely well. Just like a fully blasted full size two seat glider can carry ~800kgs and fly almost as if it were a paper bag. The only thing is not to go too fast. Speed isn't an XL thing... reports of flutter and structural damage have always been associated with excess speed. Here if you want to make an offer Tony (from Yorkshire!)
  17. Brett82

    Flight Composites Swift

    Hi Greg I did a quick Google search and found a thread on a German forum where a guy had purchased one and was very impressed with the build quality and said it flew really well. He wanted a custom model with no flaps, larger ailerons and I think a change to the rudder (google translate was not very clear) and they customised it for him. He also mentioned it is shipped with not a lot of work needing to be done, just the normal install work that you would expect. I can send you as link to the forum in a PM if you want. He seemed really happy with it. Brett
  18. Hi Tony, yes please Tony, I am up for Sunday 24th. Cliff
  19. rc-soar

    Wales F3F Winter League Dates 2018/19

    Doh! Now fixed
  20. Baldyslapnut

    Flight Composites Swift

    I am on the SG waiting is 24 months and I am on it. Life too short fro that so would like an interim plane to fly. Thank you for the comments so far. None the wiser on the quality of Flight Composites. Has anyone actually purchased a plane from them? Greg
  21. Right then. This Sunday looks like a really good day for flying, we'd be idiots to pass it up. So: Sunday 24th February from 10am at Little Bentley Polo Club. We'll run a few rounds, no prizes but £3 each for field hire. Who's in? Tony M Cliff S Pete M Simon C Peter L David G Ray G
  22. pete beadle

    WANTED big floaty ELG

    Hi Tony (from Coalville) Have you found anything more "exotic" to do your armchair flying with yet? Like Tony ( from Yorkshire) I don't suggest flying anything of mine that's "exotic" at eye-straining height or eye-watering speed.........no fun in that! Like yesterday, when I carried my Mibo Vision F5J all the way up the very gusty windy Beacon, and all the way down again, rather than risk it! Odd that your ad got two Mandarin's and two Radian XL's out into the daylight though! So, any news for us yet? Regards Pete BARCS1702
  23. isoaritfirst

    Wales F3F Winter League Dates 2018/19

    Nice Mike, but your opening picture is me with the Jazz not Clayton..
  24. SilentPilot

    Full size L13 Blanik

    Denbigh eh... I'm wanting to take my Carmam there. I know the CFI, he's doing a great job of raising the club's profile!
  25. rc-soar

    Wales F3F Winter League Dates 2018/19

    Really enjoyed the comp, the flying was of a high order. What stuck out for me was the pumping, there were some impressive climbouts. Well done to the top three and thanks to Joel for holding it all together so efficiently. Some words and pics here: http://rc-soar.com/gallery/2019/wwl4/index.php
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