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    Bartletts League 15th May 2011


    Well, we seem to be stuck in this spell of weather that delivers high winds & sunshine, with the former being decidedly unseasonal for May. But having to abort the one scheduled for the 1st May due to windy conditions that proved to be correct, Sunday was not the greatest either, especially with the wind being in the West, delivering the dreaded Bartletts curl over, on the landing approach.

    Dave Fletcher ducked out on the Saturday, then Peter Hindle, Peter Mitchell 2 metre & George Read, elected not to fly on the day due to the conditions. Peter Hindle filled me with dread on arrival with the quote that the wind was going to increase to 30MPH in the afternoon.

    But this proved not to be the case, so we ot under way with 16 flyer's. This was cut to 13 after the first round due to various problems from motors falling out through to damage on landing.

    I myself decided that discretion was better than valour, so never really went for the landing spot if it got tricky. There were some slots where the lift was tremendous, more than I can remember from this wind direction at any time I have flown there.

    Peter Hindle had to work overtime with the scoring system as slots were adjusted from what he had arranged before the event. As he said he could not have flown & done this as well, so another big thank you to him on the day.

    So we finished early at about 3.30 pm, with the final scores ready about 3 minutes later.

    Finally thanks to all for your continued support for these events, lets have a few more next time on 19th June.

    Brian Austin.

    Bartletts 15th May 2011 Result Sheet.

    Pos Name Score %
    1 B Austin 4940 1000
    2 K Fisher 4939 999
    3 A Twine 4831 978
    4 S Smith 4694 950
    5 J Burns 4551 921
    6 D Collins 4514 914
    7 P Wainwright 4487 908
    8 R Potts 4334 877
    9 B Austin 4057 821
    10 J Ott (100s) 4048 819
    11 R Ewell 3633 735
    12 S Lensen (Foamy) 3527 713
    13 R Sleight (2m) 3363 681
    14 P Mitchell 977 198
    15 G Mathews 907 183
    16 P Sainsbury 713 144
    17 P Hindle DNF 0  
    18 P Mitchell (2m) DNF 0  
    19 G Read DNF 0  

    Edited by Austin

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