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  • F3F is a timed speed event for model gliders. Each pilot has to fly 10 laps of a 100 Metre course and the fastest time wins the round. The average is time to cover the distance is 30 to 40 seconds. Depending on the wind and location these times can vary a great deal.

    The models are based on F3B models and some are specially tailored for F3F. The UK has some of the best slope soaring sites in the world so we have a thriving league with some of the best pilots in the World. There are some great discussions and contest report on our forums under the F3F and Slope sections. 

    If you fancy a go at it the guys are very friendly and welcome new pilots with open arms. It doesn't matter if your are not skilled as advice and help is nearby.

    Below are some videos posted by our members. There are many more on our forums.




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