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  • BARCS F3J League 2016 Final

    1Neil Jones3964
    2Peter Allen390.16
    3Mark DeVall379.75
    4Ian Duff375.66
    5Ozzie Osbourne374.85
    6Colin Paddon363.74
    7Bob Dickenson361.75
    8Al Lipscombe340.56
    9Colin Boorman328.54
    10Mike Raybone315.24
    11David East312.64
    12Chas Dunster299.15
    13John Shenstone297.14
    14Graham Wicks279.63
    15Kevin Beale265.33
    16Alex Sykes208.73
    17Gary Binnie1572
    18Graham James141.52
    19Cengiz Philcox88.21
    20Alan Morton86.11
    21Neville Warby81.41
    22John Hulett49.81
    23Robin Sleight13.21

    BARCS F3J League 2015

    1Neil Jones399.76
    2Mark DeVall391.77
    3Peter Allen3916
    4David East387.54
    5Ian Duff382.37
    6Chas Dunster3796
    7Ossy Osbourne378.85
    8Kevin Beale368.75
    9Graham Wicks368.44
    10Colin Paddon358.75
    11Colin Boorman355.15
    12Mike Raybone336.34
    13Al Lipscombe335.45
    14Bob Dickenson312.46
    15John Shenstone2745
    16Cengiz Philcox272.83
    17Kevin Dart235.63
    18Neville Warby218.43
    19Gary Binnie169.42
    20Andre Borowski157.82
    21Robin Sleight103.72
    22Alex Sykes97.22
    23Simon Vaitkevicius79.81
    24Graham James75.41
    25William Watson71.21
    26Graham Gilliatt69.31
    27Brian Johnson62.81
    28Ken Goddard56.21

    BARCS F3J League 2014

    1Peter Allen381.94
    2Mark DeVall377.34
    3Colin Boorman360.44
    4David East344.24
    5Chas Dunster335.54
    6Mike Raybone323.14
    7Gary Binnie309.14
    8John Shenstone3024
    9Graham Wicks287.73
    10Colin Paddon282.73
    11Neil Jones279.13
    12Kevin Beale278.23
    13Christopher Glover274.33
    14Ian Duff269.43
    15Ozzie Osbourne2684
    16Bob Dickenson237.23
    17Brian Johnson188.42
    18Cengiz Philcox171.52
    19Al Lipscombe158.53
    20Graham James149.92
    21Kevin Dart139.42
    22Simon Thornton96.51
    23Martin Newnham95.91
    24Thomas Satinet92.21
    25Austin Guerrier92.11
    26Jon Stanswood80.11
    27Neville Warby73.61
    28Ken Goddard701

    BARCS F3J League 2013

    1Ian Duff396.15
    2Peter Allen3956
    3Colin Boorman370.64
    4Colin Paddon369.84
    5Mike Raybone366.36
    6Bob Dickenson365.75
    7Christopher Glover364.94
    8Ozzie Osbourne363.74
    9Chas Dunster350.65
    10David East349.35
    11Mark DeVall341.34
    12Gary Binnie326.85
    13Kevin Beale281.13
    14Graham Wicks275.13
    15Al Lipscombe260.63
    16Neil Jones249.93
    17Neville Warby234.33
    18Graham James2163
    19John Shenstone210.93
    20Cengiz Philcox176.22
    21Brian Johnson169.72
    22Philip Hayward103.42
    23Kevin Newitt1001
    24Kevin Dart88.51
    25Alan Morton86.61
    26Thomas Satinet82.61
    27William Watson76.51
    28Alex Sykes70.91
    29Jon Stanswood70.61
    30Ken Goddard68.61
    31Jason Griffiths63.21

    BARCS F3J League 2012

    1Graham Wicks397.27
    2Colin Paddon396.96
    3Christopher Glover392.16
    4Peter Allen385.47
    5Ian Duff383.16
    6Colin Boorman377.57
    7Bob Dickenson375.86
    8David East372.97
    9Ozzie Osbourne372.56
    10Brian Johnson360.74
    11Mark DeVall355.16
    12Kevin Beale348.95
    13Gary Binnie339.96
    14Austin Guerrier321.85
    15Graham James313.45
    16Neville Warby313.15
    17Al Lipscombe306.87
    18Ken Goddard186.33
    19Neil Jones1782
    20Andre Borowski159.52
    21Andy Lewis86.61
    22Chas Dunster85.41
    23Sydney Lenssen761
    24Terry Pelling73.81
    25Robin Sleight68.71
    26Mick Thorpe661
    27Thomas Satinet58.11
    28Cliff Hannam53.41
    29Bob Owston18.61

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