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  • 2016 F3J World Championships

    The 2016 F3J World Championships is due to take place 31 July to 06 Aug 2016 in the town of Vipava (Slovenia)

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    2014 F3J World Championships

    The 2014 F3J World Championships is due to take place 13th-20th July in the town of Martin (Slovakia)

    A team of 3 senior pilots will represent the UK. Colin Paddon, Peter Allen and Ian Duff. Kevin Beale is Team Manager.

    Official Website

    2012 F3J World Championships

    The 2012 F3J World Championships will be held in Johannesburg South Africa. The venue dates are 6-11th August 2012 with the pre-contest 3-4th August. The venue is East Rand Polo Field which is 15 minutes drive from Johannesburg orTambo International Airport. The field is approximately 400x300m of lawn in a flat agricultural setting.

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