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  • Tonbridge BMFA F5J League Event - 19th June 2016


    Tonbridge BMFA F5J League Event - Sunday 19 June 2016 – THE RESULTS

    With an entry of 27 pilots, Tonbridge club hosted what we believe to be the largest UK domestic F5J league comp to date.

    Following a week of torrential rainfall we were glad to find that with care getting onto the field and not getting stuck wasn’t a problem other than Phil Ramsey who unfortunately got stuck with his large heavy motor-home. Farmer to the rescue with very big red tractor!

    The day looked like it would be ideal RC Soaring weather starting off warm and calm but progressively getting windier as the day wore on. The first slot which enjoyed wall to wall lift gave no clue as to what was to turn out to be extremely challenging days flying with several slots not being flown out by a large margin. When the sink came through it was what can only be described as massive blanket sink which covered unusually large expanses of sky. This coupled to the strengthening wind resulted in many missed landings and land outs. We managed to complete 5 rounds with a break for lunch making for a nice relaxed comp. With storm clouds forming after 5 rounds were completed the general consensus was to stop at that point as no-one fancied getting stuck on the field if the rain reached us.

    It was good to see some “new” old faces competing in F5J for the first time with Ricky Shaw and Chris Foss attending. Special mention must be made of Ricky Shaw who flew excellently in his first ever F5J comp to secure second place overall. Despite this being Rick’s first F5J comp his launch height management and skilful flying really made its mark. We hope to see him and his team mates at more F5J comps in the future.

    Thanks to the Tonbridge members who helped with the organisation and also to all the pilots who supported this comp, it makes the organisation/work involved worthwhile. We will post some pics of the day soon.

    The full results can be found below:



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