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    • mikef
      The flat pegs are a bit easier on the fingers but stick with the round one if it's OK for you.  Don't worry about the servos sticking out, there will be a tiny bit more drag but it's not worth changing them. If you want to move to the next step in DLGs, you will see a big performance increase. As to flying, you will get your best flights on calmer, sunny days when thermals are easier to find.  Get the model trimmed to glide a bit above stalling speed and try not to over control.  Leave it alone as much as possible and watch its behaviour. Learn to read its reaction to air movements. Get someone to take a video of you launching and flying if you want more advice.  I used to get about 60-70 seconds from my Long Shot in still air when it was new.  I was launching to 30-35 metres at best.  
    • Nathanshirley
      Thanks I'll try that when I get some foam safe cyano I just have normal thin cyano, when I throw it the wing tip rubs against the web of my fingers but doesn't stop it, is there alot of difference between the flat pegs and the rounds ones like is on mine? Also the aileron servos stick out of the bottom of the wing, they are 9g servos but when I looked it up they should be 5g would it make much difference if I changed them ? 
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