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Sky High RC

SHRC provides quality laser-cut part sets manufactured to order in the UK for over 200 classic/vintage model designs. We have over 50 glider options covering classic thermal soarers, slope aerobatic models, vintage brand classics and several F5-RES options including the newly developed 2m Miles High. We are also developing a complimentary RC equipment range suitable for F5J and RES models.

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    • Carl
      Kavan Resco : F5L : 20/06/2024 : 14m 15s I managed to double my time today down in my local field, but should have been longer. I got down there about 10am and there was barely a breeze so it was quite easy to determine possible thermals using my streamer, though they were light. This was my second flight and I was scooting around from one light thermal to another and then got into a good thermal with a good climb. The problem I had was that I had no option to get myself out of the thermal as I was finding real difficulty identifying the glider with the background Altocumulus cloud - my Resco is blue and white, which up till now I've not had problems with. My choice was to dive out, lose height and get back into the thermal lower down. But it didn't work. I just didn't find the thermal again. Anyway, the last 2 minutes of the flight was using a low level thermal, maintaining about 10m altitude. I was willing it to just climb out, but it didn't. After this flight I thought not to worry as the conditions were there for further good flights, but as always happens down here, once you are heading towards midday the breeze started picking up and just got stronger and stronger, so called it an end as it just became unflyable. Carl
    • Stewart Walker
      Bramhall, FRESH, 20/6/24, 3min 47sec   Embarrassed to post really, 3 flights and the hay fever got the better of me
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