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    • Mark Evans
      I have the set up from Sherman. ill be totally honest, apart from the sequencer part, I can put together the same set up in a couple of minutes, I was doing this before I ever saw/bought the template. But, the sequencer part I would never have been able to figure out on my own, and not only that, the detail Sherman  goes into with the written manual is well worth what he charges. Sure, the opentx stuff is usually all free, but as a photographer myself, I know what my time is worth and charge accordingly (with any business/self employment you need to know your numbers) and I believe this is what Sherman has nailed with his set up and written manual.  Well worth the cost and justified. 
    • Neil Harrison
      So there are some real key fundamentals to increased launch height.. 1.  Do not throw the model up, as this is more an underarm throw.  You need more of an over arm throw to generate power so you need to feel like you are throwing it to the horizon. 2.  Make sure that your body isn’t rotating in one movement.  Think of  either throwing a ball or skimming a stone, the hips rotate towards the target even before the arm moves, followed by the torso and then the arms.  This is called ‘LAG’ the larger the displacement of the hips opening and facing the target to the arm starting to move the more speed you generate, speed=height. 3.  Increase the lag by focusing on leaving your arm back as far as you can and as long as possible before the hips face the target, then you can ‘whip’ the arm through last. Do half launch drills where you do not spin but keep the feet in the launching position and then move the model back behind you, this way you can focus on the lag. *Be careful here as the model will be accelerating from zero you need to feel like you are pushing it away from your body otherwise you might catch your wingtip on your hip or ****. 4.  RELAX!  You will loose all the lag if your muscles are tight.  Easy to feel this by moving your arm back as far as you can then tense up.  Your arm will automatically try to come back round to be inline with your shoulders.
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