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    • Mark Evans
      Hi guys, So, flying the Auri and the spec sheet cg recommendation is 63-64mm. I am currently at 65 but I can visibly see some up trim in my elevator. A dive test shows it just pulls up slightly, not as much as I would have imagined though with the up trim I can see by eye.   Flying along I find it flies hands off ok but does nose up, even flying downwind and I have to push on the stick a bit to stop it stalling. But I can park it upwind and it will sit there for a while pretty steady. Maybe I’m just catching the lift up going downwind and nosing up into it? (I find this highly unlikely though)    At this point would you change anything? I thought about trimming the elevator dead flat and getting a level flight via nose or tail weight but I think this would put the cg quite far back from what’s suggested. When would you shim the elevator to correct any possible decalage issue?    Thanks in advance. 
    • mikef
      I decided to compare the ‘plane slow‘ start with the ‘plane middle' start on the bench.  'Slow' first, prop-off (indoors)  and it starts instantly.  No point trying  'middle' on the bench, it couldn't be any quicker.  Does this tell me anything? (I didn't mention before, there's an AMRT in the esc to Rx line but it wasn't there when I first flew the model and the start delay was always there.) What I'm getting with the prop on is a delay (possibly a variable delay?) rather than a slow wind-up.  Does anyone else get a delay, (of about a second) after slamming to full throttle, before the motor starts?  I have the throttle set to full and then switch the throttle cut off to start. Can anyone explain the difference between the effects of startup speed and startup power please? Could the ESC be faulty - has anyone else got a similar ESC - if so, please, what are your settings? I'll try a change to the settings and test it  prop-on when the wind drops a bit.
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