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    • thermaldoctor
      With the Flightech hat off i would say this;  if it is not going to be a contest model intended for a specific set of conditions then both will be ideal as both are very good models. So go with what you like the look of best or the colour schemes available that you like the most.   Now with the Flightech hat back on i would say this;  Definitely Infinity 😂
    • Al Lipscombe
      Good Luck with this, its a difficult question and different people will have different answers,  have you worked what you want the model for, out and out comps, occasional comp or sport flying. Wixy does give good advice about hardware, however here is my 10 pennyworth.   I have and fly both, (not the BF Xplorer though), each does a different job. The infinity has a smaller wingspan and weighs about the same as the Xplorer, it comes with IDS fitted and ballast, I use it in un ballasted in wind speeds from 5 to 15 mph. The intention was with the light weight and shorter wingspan it will turn tighter in low level lift, which it does when I get it right. It has 2 wing joiners of different dihedral although the maximum ballast will not fit with the greater dihedral, but if I get to the wind speed that needs that ballast I fly a different model (Shadow or Explorer with F3j wings). I do use the light and middle ballast and there is no appreciable difference in the handling, just penetrates a little better as expected. I have used the low dihedral joiner but didn’t get on with it and haven’t persisted with it as I have other models that do the job in question. It has a 2 piece wing so think about transportation. I use the Xplorer up to 10 mph and it is an excellent glider, a little slower than the Infinity as expected, it will handle more wind but getting back from a long way downwind can be a little difficult. I have not tried it with ballast. It has a 3 Piece wing so is easier to transport. With the way I have mine set up the handling is similar to each other. The Xplorer seems to float a bit more than the Infinity but again as expected. I find the Infinity harder to see than the Xplorer at distance, the Infinity is black with dayglow and the Xplorer is white with dayglow which is a bit faded now. Both models have the same outfit and both get to about 140 mtrs in 15 seconds if I go just for height, if I go for a mix of height and distance (to get to lift) the Infinity will travel further. There is more space for RX servos and batteries in the Xplorer but not much, it all fits in the Infinity but with my setup i had to be a bit creative with the RX and battery position to get the CofG correct. Both go up in lift and down in sink and I am afraid it is a bit like comparing apples with pears but I hope this helps. Al
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