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    • Redbird
      And phone vid of a John Phillips flight on the Sunday. https://youtu.be/UdL1CsR_HUU
    • Swalleau
      How heavy is yours? Mine is just under 7kg with the full fat steel joiner and about 6.3kg with the carbon rod. Generally I now fly in 12kts or more and the steel joiner.  Less than that and it needs a sharp drop just after launch to dive, sorry, plummet into to get some speed up and then some lift.  15kts and above is ideal. I use thermal flap a lot if the lift is sketchy to gain height - which it does well. Mine needs minimal down inverted, same as yours. Settings are attached.  The top set are the core movements for aileron, elevator and rudder (for some reason the PDF conversion has jumped the rudder numbers to the left one cell!).  The different flight modes add inboard aileron to the flaps and snap flap.  Below that are the aileron and elevator movements for the full on extreme, usually combined with inboard ailerons and snap flap.  The rudder has lots of expo on it too. Full aileron does make the roll barrelled if inboard ailerons are coupled in on these settings.  Looking at the way the tail swings and knowing what corrections are required on the rudder and elevator I would cut down on the down aileron for the flaps.  It kicks the tail which makes the roll ugly. i do get that ballast at the Orme would be possible, just watch the landing!  Smooth with retracting the crow and leave more height than you expect to flare out.  In fairness I rarely use full crow on mine now, and tend to reduce to about half once I am sure of the landing. Finally, in less than 15kts of wind, put the thermal flap out and get someone to throw it, if it as heavy as mine. Hope that helps. Iain  
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