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    • PeteMitchell
      Looks like a great start to the season Steve. I will start a league results thread when I get the scores from Mike. Nice to see my old Perfection with it's invasion stripes again🙂  
    • Paul Gleeson
      Looks good. You should be able to see it! Hopefully have set up the servos so you get maximum aileron up and flap down. This requires the servos to be offset. Typically with the servos centred you would be 10mm to 15mm down flap. If that’s not the case, keep the servos centred and move the position  of the servo horns.  Both the rudder and elevator should be neutral, with the servo horn centred. If it’s a little bit off that’s ok. You can trim that out. What radio do you have? That will help to go through the setup. Here is  summary... With the aileron servos centred (remember they should be down 10mm to 15mm). Use the subtrim on one sevruga to get them level. Then adjust the travel of the servos so you see full aileron up a good amount to flap down. Make sure both throws you get are the same. It’s likely the travels will be a little different up and down. Maybe up to 10%. If it’s more than that you need to check the lengths of the pushrods. Now you have a change the camber setting to bring the ailerons up to be aligned flush to the wing. If you need a more clicks of subtrim that’s ok. Use subtrim to get the elevator and rudder centred and adjust the travels as per the instructions  Typically you get quite different travels with the rudder, maybe 20% but that’s ok. After that carefully check centre of gravity is as per the instructions,  Then you should be ready to a few over arm holds. Aiming to trim the controls to get a nice flat straight glide. Long grass is the best surface for this. The launch preset, on a momentary button or switch, is moving the elevator up  about 2mm. You let the switch go just after you launch the model. Don’t try the throw the model up. You risk breaking a wing tip. Launch the glider flat at the horizon. The extra speed and the launch preset will get it to go up. As the glider slows down and before it stalls push the elevator forward to get the glider level for a nice glide. Since this is your first DLG, get to the point of you being confident with quite hard overhead launches, the start the spin. Launch flat and build up slowly. We all want our DLG to zoom up to 50+ meter, but it takes time. Technique first, then add power gradually. Please come the Easter weekend event, you will learn tons of stuff and get lots of tips and encouragement. See you there! Paul  
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