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    • Dwindd
      Hi, I found that following the video was not possible due to variations in the newer version of BLHELI_32 suite to when the vid was made. However it wasn't too difficult to work out what was required, but even then after flashing the Arduino nano v3 as instructed [ using K [4-way i/f]], that following on and flashing the esc [TEKKO 65a} that it resulted in a bricked esc with a flash failed flag in the esc firmware that I couldn't get round. After a n hour or so of exhausting all ways to get the esc to reflash, I decided to start from scratch and first reflashed the arduino, but instead of selecting the advised 'K 4-way i/f' I opted for the more obvious [L   usb/com]. after that, I was able to reflash the esc to BLHELI_32 V32.7.05 without fail, and read and wrote settings changes ok, so guess that the video info was not right for our situation! BEWARE. Afterwards I experimented with another inexpensive esc Spedix 35amp which I bought for a 2M glider. Using the reflashed arduino [USB/COM] it read the settings on the Spedix ok and rewrote them with changes OK without having to reflash the esc, which was at V32.6x and worked ok at that on a small test motor. I'm sure that reflashing it would work fine but 'ONCE BITTEN' etc! It's probably ok for our purposes at the older firmware anyway, so it may be unnecessary to reflash the firmware - as the TEKKO's are at 32.6 and will udate settings at that without a reflash to latest firmware - initially at least until you're happy with the procedure to do so.  Hope this helps others.  If I had seen Mikes message before this, it would have saved me a lot of time!
    • pete beadle
      Hi all The similarities to Brexit just keep coming don't they? What are the odds the Lib Dems get enough seats to allow them to combine with Labour and we end up by getting no Brexit and an even more dangerous PM in number 10? Makes all our troubles pale into insignificance dunnit! That thought will keep me awake for a while tonight Regards Pete BARCS1702
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