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    • Marc Sinclair
      You are a lucky man to have such a wife Brett! Great present! Nice one     
    • Marc Sinclair
      I get your point Pete but for people to say it's the fault of tight modellers because they want to get the best deal possible is a bit much no?   Times have changed and business practices haver changed (for good or bad),  adapt or die or try and do something about it I guess is the only options we have left. The past is gone, the future can be bright  (Mystic Meg said that).  Personally I look at it this way: I go into a hobby shop for a battery and the kind store owner wants a tenner for it, I can get it delivered to my door for £8, which one am I going to choose? Am I being penny pinching? So what if I am? Do I share part of the responsibility of off-line business going bust because I choose to save some money in my hobby and buy from a cheaper medium/get a better deal?  Of course if I where flush I would pay the extra few quid and not bat an eyelid if it meant helping the cause. But we must remember people who start business generally are in it to make money/survive/follow their passions, they unfortunately have to adapt or die....sounds cruel but lets not beat around the bush.   Of course I miss my local model shop, a place where you could go and chat/touch feel see all the products, get personal advice and help (even a cup of tea if you was lucky)...Like being in a kids Aladdin's cave... In my experience from the past it was the insane rent hikes that landlords place which eats up profits at a high rate of knots.    If people are so concerned about there hobby and want to contribute in some small way to it, joining BARCS and BMFA would be one way of going about it I would have thought.   Regards   Marc     
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