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UK F3F Contest Entries

All UK F3F contest dates and entries will be posted here.

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    • satinet
      No worries. Where did you get 10 from Paul? Decent price?   
    • Gary B
      One basic thing to check is that the elevator servo is neutral (horn 90° to the servo, no subtrim) with the tailplane neutral. I have one used glider that couldn't flare for landing properly because there wasn't enough up travel. It had been put together in a hurry to be ready for a competition. The fix was to pop the glued elevator servo and move it aft slightly without disturbing the linkage.   Also check that there is full range of movement (AMT drive pin able to hit both ends of the fin slots before the end points of the servo are reached), there have been cases of the tail bellcrank fouling internally (sometimes on the balsa rudder post). How long is your elevator servo horn and what hole is the clevis in? All variables that can stack up to give strange results. Another used glider had the elevator servo horn slip during a winch launch, the horn and servo were different manufacturers, different spline/shaft diameters. The only thing holding it was the screw. It was almost impossible to fly, the competition slot turned into a 'get it down in one piece' mission. You should aim for too much movement initially then move the clevis on the servo in a hole or two for better resolution (trim steps) but still giving enough travel for full control (crow compensation is the down limit and enough to stall/spin for the up travel). I've just had a look at my Xplorer 1 F3J X tail fuselage, I guess the tail bellcrank  is the same. Both clevises are 12 mm from the servo axis, I've not flown this particular fuselage but have every reason to believe it's set up nicely (;-). Not long till we can get out again hopefully.         
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