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      FxRES Monthly Postal Rules This is a “for fun” challenge for UK based pilots. Anyone may enter with: 1. a bungee-launched F3L (F3-RES) specification glider using the reduced length Hi-Start. The reduced length Hi-Start bungee has a maximum of 10m of 6/4mm surgical tubing and 50m of static line (minimum 30lb breaking strain). Lighter/smaller/shorter bungee rubber may be used. OR 2. an Electric motor launched F5-RES specification glider fitted with an Altitude Limiter set to 60m and a maximum motor run time of 20 seconds. Object: Fly your F3L or F5-RES glider for as long as possible from a flat field. Each monthly challenge will commence on the 1st day of the Calendar month and  the person who's time is unbeaten at the end of the Calendar Month 'wins' and a new challenge will start. The annual challenge league will end on the 31st December of each year. A new annual challenge league will then commence on the 1st of January. Rules: Models must comply with the Model Specification rules for F3L (F3-RES) or F5-RES as appropriate. You may self-time your own flights Flight times begin when the tow-line falls from the tow-hook (for F3L/F3-RES) or in the case of a F5-RES glider when the motor stops. The model must land in the launch field or (if there is no field boundary) within 150m of the launch position for times to count. There is no landing bonus. If you are using a bungee launch (for this event or any other), then the launch line MUST be secured using a corkscrew dog tether or similar bungee stake to minimise the risk of injury caused by a loose stake. Scores must be submitted on the relevant monthly postal event posting on the FxRES forum at www.barcs.co.uk/forums/    Scoring flights must be submitted within 24 hours of the flight taking place. A flight log graph from the Altitude limiter should also be submitted if entering with a F5-RES glider. All scoring flights must start with a hand release from Ground Level with (if applicable), the motor running. No flight information telemetry permitted except for Received signal strength and Receiver battery status. Submitted scores will be amalgamated into an annual league. Points will be awarded as follows:  1st -15 points, 2nd - 12points, 3rd - 10points, 4th to 12th, 9 to 1 point respectively. You may enter as many times as you wish using as many different models as you wish, but only your longest duration flight will count towards the league position. Please enter your scores below...
    • martynk
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