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Radioglide 2017

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  1. Radioglide F5J re-run

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  2. Radioglide 2017 Entry Open 1 2

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    • John Minchell
      I was initially against having a national centre as it would inevitably be only regularly of use to locals and those who went to their own flying discipline events.  Also, the expectation that it would be subsidised by the 30,000+ members subscriptions.  This was however when the proposal was to buy premises which would be £1,000,000++ Once that idea was sidelined and a leasing arrangement was proposed at a reasonably acheivable figure of a few tens of thousands per year, AND with a get-out clause, which would not see the membership saddled with a huge mortgage for 50years or more, then it made a more sense. At the special EGM prior to the decision, I asked "can the committee GUARANTEE the membership that the annual subscription will not be put up substantially to cover the NC?"  I got the answer that although they could not guarantee it, but that the NC would be its own cost centre and would have to cover its own costs.  The fact that the property owner who gave the lease was also prepared to chip in equal funding to match ours when refurbing the various buildings was a distinct bonus (halving our costs).  The rise in membership cost this year, I was informed, was because the no claims bonus from the insurance company (£30,000) was unlikely to be paid to the BMFA this year as there had been many more claims.  Most were for crashes into vehicles and you lot are all driving Porsches, BMWs and Mercedes now which cost a lot to repair.  IE. it was not an increase to cover the NC, but just altered operating costs of the general business of the BMFA. I have to attend the Scale Tech Committee meetings over the year and they are held at Buckminster NC so I have seen how it has developed from the beginning.  It is good and getting better, but yes I understand it is not for everyone.  None of my local modellers will ever go there (280 miles round trip) unless they are in the minority of model pilots who travel for competitions, or SAM 35 events etc. or fly ins etc .. However aeromodelling in all its forms now has it as a venue and so we must use it and make the best of it however we can, otherwise it really will be money wasted.  No point in arguing over it now, John  M
    • John Minchell
      I have one and its a hoot, even under slope conditions which you would think are too windy. Have aero towed, bungee'd and hand launched it and its good at all of them. Even came second in the Long Mynd Scale event one year, when there was very little wind.  Some wag asked if it would fly inverted, so I tried it and caught a thermal and it went up inverted - great fun. John M
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