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F5J - Lt. Bentley, Essex - 12/4/20 - CANCELLED

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See my post here for details on how this competition would be run - all comments regarding the current situation should be made in that thread - please only use this thread for entries 🙂

Well no surprise that I have to cancel this competition.
Weather looking wet! Field looking fantastic and has dried out. Lockdown restrictions in operation and looking as if they'll be extended.
Maybe we can do one when the restrictions are relaxed. See link above on how it could be run with a good level of social distancing.

Venue is Little Bentley Polo Club, Rectory Road, Essex, CO7 8SN.

Your model must have an approved height limiting/data logging device (AMRT) which must be able to show the max height your model goes to during its motor run time plus 10 seconds after your motor is shut off.

The limiting function must be set to allow maximum 30seconds motor run time, and the height limiting function must either be disabled or set to 300m.
Motor restart is permitted at any time during flight for safety reasons, but will result in a zero score for that round.

The competition will be run to BMFA Local Rules, 6 rounds will be flown if conditions permit and there will not be a flyoff.
Entry fee £5.00 payable on the day.
Proof of BMFA membership (card is sufficient) required.
Timing on the day may vary, first flight around 10am.

  1. Tony Merritt - Open

New roundabout and gap closures.

The new roundabout is in use now, so coming from up from the A12 you will now take the second exit, probably signposted Lt. Bentley.
The gap across the A120 at Pelhams Corner (the road going through Little Bromley past my house) is now closed, if coming from Ipswich via the A137 you now turn left at the mini-roundabout by the Jet petrol station (sign posted Clacton), right at the crossroads after about a mile, a couple of miles to the roundabout on the A120 by the water tower at Horsley Cross. 3rd exit on to the A120 then left to Lt. Bentley and you're back on the normal route. A very basic map (I'll do a better one - maybe).

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Tony presume like everything will be cancelled now


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This event will no longer be a BMFA event, see below, but may go ahead as just a bunch of guys having fun in the sun. A lot depends on what the current situation is on April 12th, may be the weather will be crap and it would be cancelled anyway, the field is still pretty wet but is drying (I was flying there today in glorious isolation 🙂 ). If we've been released from lockdown for good behaviour then a days flying on the field is still possible. The landowner has to be kept sweet, if he says no, then that would also be a reason not to go ahead.

Quote from the BMFA:
'The BMFA is advising that all events and contests scheduled to take place in the next 12 weeks must be cancelled at this time.'
 'advising', 'must'. Which is it? Advice or command? I'll think we'll take it as a command. Clubs, organisations, etc. have a duty of care for their members so will take the safest option and cancel, close, ban whatever the activity is. People are sitting at home beeping themselves, when with a few basic procedures in place we'd be fine outside in a great big field.


PS Peter - sORT yOUR lOCATION oUT - click your name, click Profile, click Edit Profile button, change Location so the case is fixed.

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pete beadle

Hi tonym

Thanks for making this decision

As you say, I look forward to (at the very least) spectating at Little Bentley as soon as the essential restrictions are removed

Here's hoping you'll be blessed with good weather and a dry field next time

Good luck and keep well




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Post from Kristian, in Norway, building a Watts New:-

The Norwegian governments have allowed sport club facilities to open again, with only five people gathering at once, and with 2 meters distance to each other. So good news, my flying field is now open again

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