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Marc RC pilot

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Wing bags are easy. Even I have done a few!

I got some radiator backing insulated bubble wrap, cut to size round the wing or whatever with a bit of overlap then run down the overlap with an iron.

If you get it just right it doesn’t bust the silver backing and it kind of plastic welds the seam :) 

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On 22/03/2020 at 13:22, Mark Evans said:

I have one, although I haven’t flown it yet.

ive been through a lot of the top end planes, and personally, for the price I think the Auri is awesome and the quality is VERY close to that of the other brands. Tails I can’t tell any difference. Space in the fuse is nice, same as the Vortex 3. 4 in pod with external pushrods is the norm now like on BAMF/NRJ, real fast set up. I’d never go back to top drive.

As for performance, well, depends how good you are on the sticks, the guys on here could outfly me with a pretty old plane. I’m pretty sure you’d have have to be in the top 5-10% to know where the Auri might be holding you back. And my own opinion is other planes do better due to sponsorship/hype. The wing is thin, yes, but again so are all the others, it’s bigger than the BAMF and NRJ though so should be a touch more floaty which I think will suit me, I hated the NRJ in the end.

To be honest after all the planes I’ve gone through, the classic Snipe is still my favourite and just look at contests from around the world to see how many are still doing the business. But that might change after I’ve flown the Auri.

But I’m extremely impressed by the Auri and Dimitry always responds asap to any questions I have, unlike manufacturers of other brands. I would have no issues buying another, in fact for once I can’t see me flying anything else for quite a while. 

So where can one buy a snipe these days?

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Marc RC pilot

Been looking at buying the Auri direct from DL Models (Hyperflight out of stock). They seem to have more kit options/extras (like pre-fitted peg for under a tenner)and shipping seems very reasonable. 

I am also tempted with the two wing version as it would allow me to transport glider on my bike/store safely in limited space.

Anyone seen or use the Auri two wing model?





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Don’t worry about fitting the peg yourself, the gull blade/snipe style pegs are dead easy to fit.

whilst Dmitriy is a super nice guy, you might be waiting if you bought a part built one, I saw a fb/instagram post of his yesterday or the day before and he has a load of models to catch up on building and getting shipped out to customers so you might be in a long queue if you go that route. 

The build is super easy so don’t worry about fully assembling one yourself. 

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