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Osprey 2's now in stock..!

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There are now Osprey 2's in stock and ready for delivery. Confirmed price is £960. There is one with very small surface imperfections on left hand tip panel from transport so this will be £910. There are 2 colours to choose from...


Natural spread tow carbon black & neon orange


Natural spread tow carbon black & neon green

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For £960 (£910 on an orange one with very slight surface imperfections on a tip panel) you get..

1) Full bi axial super light spread tow carbon wings with UHM carbon spars

2) CNC rohacell solid core tail components with spread tow carbon skins

3) All parts out of CNC alloy molds and post temperature cured for harder lighter more ding resistant finish and better quality lamination

 4) Purpose designed Mark Drela thin low drag wide speed range airfoil


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Just need a contest flight line  😞  but now is the time to get an Osprey together ready for when we can fly again 🙂


Quality of surface finish looks like this under artificial lighting 😉

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John Minchell

Neil, so what is the difference between an Osprey 1 and an Osprey 2 please?

John M

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Hello John the original Osprey was 3.5m and predominantly glass. Same tailplane but different rudder. Fuselage looked the same but was slightly different.

Osprey 2 is 3.8m, full carbon and the tail boom longer. The rudder is a better looking shape and has a larger area.

The span has been increased by new longer tip panels rather than extending the centre panel. 

All the best


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