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Bit off topic, still no maiden flight

Paul Gleeson

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Paul Gleeson

This model has had a 13 year gestation period. Moved house 3 times. Delayed by many other interests.

Full size glider flying, RC helis and lately DLGs. I made an effort over the winter to finally finish it.

1/10th scale DH98 Mosquito. 65" span. Colour scheme based on the one that hangs in Duxford. In comparison with the top scale models this is a poor attempt.

All scratch built from a scaled plan. Only commercial parts are the wheels and props and model pilots. Also bought the decals and lettering. Plus RC gear of course.

Electric with 6S power. AUW about 3.8kg so no lightweight.

Learned so much in the progress, mould making, vac forming, fibre glassing.

Many firsts for me on this one, twin engines, flaps, landing gear, accurate scale model, so nervous to maiden after all the "years" of effort.

I can guarantee it will fly at least once!

My flying field with a proper mown strip is out of action.

Bugger this lockdown and perfect weather.




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pete beadle

Hi Paul

Could be worse, just up the road from us in London HA8, is the De Haviland Mosquito Museum at South Mimms, Herts, with no paying visitors coming through the door in the last three weeks, and for the forseeable future, it looks like their re-building of the real things will stop before you get to fly your "Mossie"......

Now that's going to be a real shame too,  innit! :(





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Looks sweet Paul

Agree with Dave H, my favourite too (parents worked for DH way back).

Was thinking of building one as a PSS!

Neil P

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Paul Gleeson

Battery fits right up front, just poking into the nose cone, I would have had to add 50g, so I figured I would get an emotech safe switch, so the weight is doing something.

Also because I decided my powertrain 13 years ago motor technology progressed to much lighter motors, but I have 2 x 250g motors in the nacelles.

Power will not be a problem!

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😃 need to get this bird in the air , make sure you video and post, I’ll do the same with my dh100 that’s sat there for 3 years!

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