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Anyone got a new model ?

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  • 1 month later...
Marc RC pilot

Some incredible/beautiful performance soarers gents...👌

I don't own one (Simitri) but it caught my eye as another thing of beauty:


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Some lovely looking models here. I'm just getting a few posts in so that I can sell my Shadow and buy something more modern.

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Having more or less written off my Prestige earlier this year in a heart stopping sudden impact event, I was fortunate to be able to cheer myself up with this Plus X.


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Sorry to hear about your Prestige Pete, what happened?

I built a Middle Phase with both wings to replace the model I learned to fly RC with. Tissue and dope covered.

Next was a PSS F-101 Voodoo followed by the refurb of a Multiplex Cortina.

A Multiplex Akro was next, fuselage is in the finishing stage.

My Brian Taylor Spitfire has seen a burst of enthusiasm.

Next build will probably be a Multiplex Twist.


   Aileron wing Middle Phase


Two channel Middle Phase


The original, no longer flyable.


F-101 Voodoo PSS


Multiplex Cortina, covering stripped and replaced, new winglets built, elevon servos moved from fuselage to wing. Fuselage resprayed.


Multiplex Akro built from a NIB kit, one piece foam/veneer wing, canopy hinges at the rear and is servo operated for braking.


Brian Taylor Spitfire, recent work has been skinning the wing, installing the retracts, adding the wing fairings and building the flaps.


Multiplex Twist with carry box, probably the next build.


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pete beadle

Hi Gary B

Snap with my TWO Middle Phases, 2 and 3 channel, refurbed and ready to go in the last few days, I didn't mention it as with my comment on my "new" Xplorer," the MP's aren't new, just new additions to my "fleet" (now standing at 53 on the new 2020 list):):yes:

BTW major downsizing sale and "giveaways" imminent, I'll let everyone know as soon as I'm ready, but will probably be on or around December 2nd 2020

Watch this space!




Middle Phase 2 015.JPG

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Hi Pete,

 The Middle Phase build happened because a kit came up for sale at a ridiculously low price, I had always intended to build a replacement. The kit was the aileron version so I ordered a two-channel wing from Chris.

The wing tip has been redesigned, just a flat plate now to match the Xtra Wot/Acrowot etc and does shorten the build slightly.

By replacing the fuselage sides with ply/balsa laminate (suggested by Ali Machinchy) and using micro servos I came in just below his 42 ounce AUW (for the first time ever!).

I can fly both versions in the same session by reassigning my aileron stick to the rudder channel and removing the aileron links. 

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My new Infinity GPS bought from Neil at Flightech. The model flies superbly and thermals very well, but in my opinion the GPS Light class rules need an overhaul to enable flying to be more interesting. The model uses a Tenshock motor, GM prop and Kingmax servos.



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On 13/11/2020 at 08:58, Gary B said:

Multiplex Cortina, covering stripped and replaced, new winglets built, elevon servos moved from fuselage to wing. Fuselage respraye

Great model Gary, I well remember my one !

It was a bit of a handfull to launch with a bungy, and land, on the old Fairlop club field.


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The tow hook block is fitted but there's no hole drilled for the hook and it's going to stay that way! Germans think nothing of winch launching from ground level, dropping a wing could be fun.

The Twist just needs covering and servos fitting, the UK model suppliers seem to be out of stock of micro servos but I found some eventually. 500 grammes with four servos and covering to add.



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Marc RC pilot

Nothing to do with Electric Soaring and F5J but I bought an Auri 1.5 DLG in mid-august this year which seriously needs it's owner to get his act together to get her started and finished...Especially considering that these kits are ARTF

This will be my first carbon/mouldee and a major upgrade from my trusty old Longshot1 😃 




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Cheers, the build keeps getting interrupted by glider projects!

It's not for the faint hearted, there are no instructions, just a few notes on the plan.

Aeromodelling is a series of problems to solve, 'how am I going to build this bit? etc', not many hobbies have that element.

I will not clog this thread with power model stuff unless anyone asks but here's a couple more photos for interest.


Outboard flaps, litho plate and 1/64" ply laminate skin, dowel torque tube, home made Paxolin hinges and operating arms. The tubes at the inboard ends hold a Bowden cable that drives the inboard flap sections.




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The Akro is finished, RTF weight is 1320 g (46.5 oz), wing loading 41 g/dm2 (13.5 oz/sq ft).

Hoping to fly it before Christmas.


Canopy airbrake fully open


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New Infinity Evo 

A really beautiful 3.5m F5J yet fly's like a light F3B....Almost immaculate build quality!

I had the original Infinity a few years back, this is way better....the new design with input from Dirk Pflug is a delight. Im looking forward to trying out with the supplied 600g ballast! 😊👍 This is the Performance layup. With 1300 3S battery and white paint it comes in at 1730g.

Thanks to Neil @ Flightech for his excellent service... 






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  • 2 weeks later...

Last completed build before Christmas is a Multiplex Twist. Comes in a Correx transport box, very handy.

Foam/veneer wings, fibreglass fuselage, sheet balsa tailplanes and rudder. 6 mm carbon rod wing joiner clamped by a grub screw in each wing, novel. Self-connecting wing servos.

Span 1.86 metres, 750 grammes RTF and most of that is battery/noseweight.

I've left the graphics off for the time being as I don't like them!

It does have ailerons, both my phone and DSLR struggle with white wings, I've tried exposure bracketing and Photo Shop, gave up!




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2 Explorer Q4's maidened today. 4 metre V tail beauties!

Probably 2 of the first in the UK.

Really well thought out design, fit and finish with performance to match.


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  • 3 weeks later...

Here is my Vladimir Graphite, which is 20 years old. But it is new (almost) to its mode of use.

I have the big 4m lightweight F5J floater, but wanted something strong, repairable, heavy and fun to fly.

I changed the tiny motor for a Neu 1509/1Y and it decided to throw the (well within spec) Aeronaut prop – which then tore off all the front. It then did not come to earth happily.

The 3.4m span became 3.18m – but no washout. This model has been out of production for almost 20 ears, but there is an outside chance Vladimir may have something to fit. If not I would have to make one.

A quick message to Vladimir and a reply from Alex saying they had the moulds and would make one........ That's (as before) a slip on glider nose – so a little composite work to fix it on and make a hatch. Kudos to Vladimir.

So a big motor / gearbox and a huge 4S battery (sorry F5B guys it is so puny) and away we go.

It is not heavy (really) at 2kg and not really powerful at less than 1kw – but boy is it fun. And it really does thermal, that is if it was not the middle of winter. But with a “normal” glide speed of about 18mph it is far happier than any of my other large gliders.



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3 hours ago, AnthonyB said:

it decided to throw the (well within spec) Aeronaut prop

Have only actually seen this happen once  a long time ago, but have read about quite a few of these failures. It seems that even a soft landing can cause unseen damage to the root of a prop blade, and these props are made without carbon weave cloth which makes them more prone to sudden failure. 

Great model, had one very similar myself and very good to see one still flying😃

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