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DLG carbon tow spar caps


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Hadn’t thought about that Neil... would only work for a constant taper rather than a elliptical plan section , yes???

im tryingthinkung of trying to use the foam core to make a mould using uni mould system from easy composites, it’s more of a experiment than a serious mould. I’ll probably try tails first 😎

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Richard Swindells

for molded dlg wings, making them hollow is a significant amount more effort than solid core. The come out more fragile, and heavier and need a proper spar and sheer-web. 

I premanufactured the spar and and inserted it when I joined the top/bottom of the wing. It took days to make a wing. (1 day for spar, 1 for each half and 1 for joining !!)

When I switched to using solid core (cnc milled rohacell), the very first wing was 2/3 of the weight of the hollow molded one and significantly stiffer and more durable. I could make it in a single session, as you close the mold wet. It also felt everything I had learned about making hollow molded wings was wasted, I never made another hollow molded wing after my first solid core one!

The time and effort was sourcing and learning CAD/CAM/CNC.. making vacuum hold down tables that could accept a negative hold-down template.. once all of this was done the time to make a wing was a day. 

My molds were milled from corian (used for high end kitchen worktops. I sourced an endless supply of off-cuts from a kitchen manufacturer. ) i imported a chinese CNC for about 1/3 of the price of european equivalent. 

For resin for the wings use the mgs 285 or 385 resins, (285 gives better results, 385 is apparently less toxic).   Superfly sell the MGS L285 resin. Don't bother with anything else, there is nothing that comes close to MGS.  

For mold making supplies I almost always used r & g composites (germany).. they have a huge  range of cloths and moldmaking materials.  Easycomposites is ok.. but more focused on making parts of larger sizes and where low weight is not the primary goal. 

My parts and models were flown a lot at the first 3 world champs (then I stopped making models). In Denmark Mike Stern flew the bonus to the highest score on all but one day of the competition... my tail surfaces were on 2 of the 3 models that were used by the guys on the podium in Sweden (With Mike Stern making the podium there  :))

The wing was designed by Oleg Golovidov. (Taboo series of DLG's and designer of the Volo F5J)

My work/family life combined with the unbeatable price and quality of DLG's that started coming from Stream Team (who now make the cx-5), meant I completely gave up making models and got back to the enjoyable bit (flying)

Team GBR with our BONUS DLG at the 2013 Denmark World Champs



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