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keith riel

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keith riel

Good to join here I’m looking to get into f3f  and looking for a suitable model please thanks Keith

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You will find the F3f crowd a friendly bunch, welcoming and helpful. Even the Nasty Midlanders are nowhere near as nasty as they would have you believe they are! 

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pete beadle

Hi Keith

Welcome to the BARCS forum, as wookman says, the F3F bunch are are very friendly....usually......unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control we (including you) can't fly without breaking the law at the moment :(so, bear with us and, as George Harrison used to say "All things must pass" hopefully soon-ish:thumbsup:




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Hi Keith,

The F3F crowd are indeed a friendly bunch. I had heard rumours that they were a rather exclusive group that frowned upon lesser pilots.
This couldn’t be further from the truth!
Work and family commitments mean that I can't really join in the summer season but I've been to a few winter league meets and thoroughly enjoyed myself despite my obvious lack of talent :D 

It might be worth checking out the virtual F3F races that have started going on here. It will help you understand the rules and procedures.

Turns out that it’s also pretty accurate when it comes to recording times. I'm consistently 30 - 40 seconds slower than the big boys,
just like when out on the slopes!!!


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Hi Keith,

        Welcome to the forum - and I hope there will be an F3F comp for you to attend soon. In fact we’ve talked about an informal event as soon as the lurgy rules permit, so keep your eyes on this space. 
        As far as models are concerned, you don’t really need anything special to join in, so if you’ve got something you are used to flying that will go round corners and hasn’t got a motor, come along with that. It is probably better to start off with something you’re used to anyway, and if you are not thinking about how beautiful your shiny new plane is, you’ll be able to concentrate on where the corners are and flying without control inputs in between.  (I used to practice flying without inputs with a Halfpipe!) A new (or new to you) model can come later. 

        There’s more advice from me on the GBSRA website, which will make much more sense when you’ve actually had a go and know what the class is all about. (Look for ‘Per Ardua Ad Astra’.)

         Hope to meet you soon







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