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Near the middle just where they go into the wing boxes! I had a notion replacement might be the repair.

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Having flown and rather liking the Radical I thought I would sort out the little crease in the tip of one the tails. Drill a little hole in the bottom skin to poke the superglue applicator through and

Thanks mark r. I will give that a try. Nice bright day today so no shortage of light to reflect!  Here you go Satinet. Pics as requested. 

Next, a bit of Extremism.

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14 hours ago, wookman said:

Whoops. More mending opportunities. 



Just needs the same treatment as the Acacia - now you've practiced it'll be easy(ier)

Use carbon this time - skinny fus


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2 hours ago, wookman said:

Hi Andy. Don't quite get what you have done there, any chance of a bit of verbage by way explanation please.

I have a feeling you might have misinterpreted my post (not all that clear having re-read it), the cracks are in the joiner on the front where the joiner exits the fuselage / enters the wing box.

I think he has, too. But the tip is one worth following. Cheers, Andy.

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New joiner sourced from Martin Weberschock. Thanks to Greg for helping with the transport. Just needs a minor bit of fettling to get the correct fit. It’s close but not quite there. Must sort out the fuselage now!

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