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Any DLG pilots in Surrey?


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Hi All,

Are there any F3K/DLG pilots flying/living around the Woking, Surrey area please?

I've been flying various forms of model aircraft for around 10 years including competition aerobatics and I've some basic experience of DLGs using a Dreamflight Libelle. (I accept this can't really be compared with a "proper" composite DLG).

I'd like to start to spend more time on the DLG side of things and really improve my skills, and was hoping there might be someone local to me I could talk to/meet up with (current situation noted!). The other part of this is to identify somewhere as local as possible that is suitable for flying a 1m/1.5m DLG, before I purchase one.

I should note that I'm fully CAA registered and belong to a couple of flying clubs, but their sites aren't really suited to DLG operations. If you are in the Woking/Surrey are or within an hour or so of driving distance I'd love to hear from you!

Kind regards,

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A couple of us fly with TVSF (Thames Valley Silent Flyers) near Bracknell.  They have DLG friendly field.

Folks also use Richmond Park.  I'm not very active at the moment so maybe the others will chip in.


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I am the most active Richmond park DLG flyer, since I live right next to the park. 
RP is a great dlg site, but not so good on weekends due to the number of people there and there being no separation of the public and flyers. I tend to fly early on a weekend or on Mondays. 

I would would happy to meet up somewhere nearby to fly with others on a Sunday or Monday. 

If you got enjoyment out of the Libelle, I think you will love a 1.5m dlg. 

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