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RX placement advice for a Longshot 1

Marc RC pilot

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Marc RC pilot

At the moment I have my Rx crammed up near the nose of fuselage...I have loads of place in fuz rear of the servo tray which would make life easier/hopefuly increase quality of signal/less interference by batteries/servos etc. How best to orient antena wires? One down fuzz towards tail and other popping out hatch perhaps?

Double sided sticky tape or velcro to help secure RX?


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  • affects on CG need to be considered before moving anything.
  • Its easier to pack the nose with foam to keep things secure.   
  • Velcro would be my preference,    but heat tends to cause "sticky" tape to dry out and come lose over time.
  • Whiskers should be at 90 degrees to each other.    Either inside or outside of the pod  (outside is more reliable).
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