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Flying Sites in Berkshire

Mark P

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Anyone else flying DLG in the Newbury area?

Looking for a decent flat field site to fly DLG.  Up until now I have used my DLG for windless days on the slope (most big competitions) but now would like to learn to do it properly with a view to possibly entering some competitions when some semblance of normality returns. 

I used to have the occasional short session at our local park but the council have dug it up to put in some flood defences  so there is not enough room to fly safely, 

Any advice on potential flying sites in the local area would be gratefully received.


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Try local farmers/landowners to see if they've got any random fields lying fallow or similar?

Else if you want to join me on a good day at the field on the edge of my village (near Wantage, half an hour from Newbury) then PM me.


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Thinking of doing that as there are a couple of likely looking spots nearby.

Worth checking if anybody else is flying locally who might already have access to a site.

A trip to Wantage sounds good at some point.


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Hi Mark

I'm in Blewbury, about 3 miles south of Didcot.

I fly on the local playing field or if there are too many people on there move across the road to the football/cricket pitch at the western end of the village.

Neither are huge, and both open to the public, but plenty big enough for handlaunch. There are some good local thermal generators also it's within walking distance for me. 

And if you are stuck for finding lift the Red Kites will be along to give you a clue.

You are welcome to come over and meet up for a fly some time.

In fact anyone is welcome to come over for a fly, the more the merrier.

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