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Hello from Shoreham-by-Sea

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Greetings all! 

Just landed myself a longshot 4 f3k from hyperflight after months of research into which plane to get. But in the end the purity of a hand launch really appeals to me. This will be my first build af any kind.

I used to have an rc nitro buggy when I was in my early teens and loved it! And Im looking forward to get into this in a big way too. I have a frsky radio and have been training on aerofly rc7 in the hope of not crashing it first time out.

I work as a a mechanical engineer running my own reverse engineering and laser scanning consultancy during the day,  and by night I'm a musician producer, guitarist and bass player writing funk, fusion,soul. Just setting up a little band to play some of it when we are allowed to.

I'm based in shoreham by sea and would welcome any advise on beginer flying sites in the locale. 

And i apologise in advance for all the questions I will have throughout the build, and into the next one....





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Welcome Darren

You don't needed masses of space to fly a dlg.  You can practice on a footy field etc if people aren't around.

Dlgs don't make perfect slope models as they are lightly built and are mostly suited for lower wind speeds. However you can look at slope Hunter if that's your intention.

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Slopehunter. Wow! What a resource that is! Thanks for sharing 👍 DLGs for now but my friend has a plane suitable for slopesoaring so we will definitely be looking at that site when we have built it.

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pete beadle

Hi GisserD

Welcome to the BARCS forum

Can I recommend that your first visit to a slope is Eastbourne(?) You'll see why when you get there!:thumbsup::)




PS I saw  GRJ's post just a moment ago.....and recommend Slope Soaring Sussex highly:yes:

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Marc RC pilot

Welcome aboard Darren :)

God you're a busy man....Great to have so many interests 👍 

I think you made a great decision with the Longshot. I managed to pick up an older second-hand version myself (longshot 1) and it's been an absolute cracker as an introduction the dlg (including getting head around RC setup/settings etc). I also use Frsky systems.

No need to apologies for questions that you will have, thats why we are here. Fwiw,  you should see the amount of stuff I've been posting for info/advice since I  joined BARCS etc.... 

Good luck with build and happy flying! 



“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”

Leo Da-man Vinci




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