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What Hi-Start Bungee/Line for 50" Light Glider

Paul Gleeson

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Paul Gleeson

For a lock-down project I'm  building a 50" Minimoa from Vintage Models. It a balsa and tissue model, so will need a gentle hi-start.


I have no experience of this kind a launch, so I need some help with the lengths of rubber / line, and suggested load.

I have some 2mm x 1mm tan rubber, (don't know anything more than that) 

What sort of rubber length and line length should I consider?




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Pete in Northiam

Hi @Paul Gleeson just to say I found your question searching the forums on "bungee".  I don't have an answer but there are a couple of other threads you might want to look at below.  Both are  discussing bungees for 2m, 1kg-ish gliders so a fair bit larger than your Minimoa.  The tough thing at present is finding durable, UV-proof high extension tubing.  Your Tan rubber will work (with enough strands if needed) but won't last long in sunshine and grass...

Standards for 2m -2.5m class bungee comps vary from 10m elastic + 50m line up to 30m elastic + 150m line.  But it's all about getting up with enough time to find a thermal or two so whatever work really 🙂



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