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F5J+ RRR fly-ins

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Regular, Relaxed Restrictions fly-ins

As we're not doing much else, if the weather is good for flying I propose to 'do something ' at Little Bentley on Sundays - and possibly midweek on Wednesdays or Thursdays.
Any quiet/silent flight models can be flown - bring a winch or a bungee if you want, there's plenty of space.
I like a little structured flying so a few ad-hoc F5J slots will be run, scoring using the GliderScore eScoring system. All you need is a smartphone with a QRCode reader (many have this built in as standard).

I'll update this post with details of when a fly-in is likely to happen

If the forecast doesn't change let's try - Sunday 9th August
Please indicate your preferred day.
Arrive anytime, leave anytime - I'll aim for around 10am

Pilots likely to be there:
Tony M
Pete M
Brian A
Garry M
Peter A
Ray G
Graham W
Colin P - maybe

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  • Committee Member

Good idea Tony😃

I will be there again on Sunday.

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great idea tony, i will be there as much as i can, unfortunately i do get side lined!!! with the after affects of my fall and broken arm.    as things are, at present i am planning on being there sunday.


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Forecast for Sunday could still change but the BBC and XCWeather show rain, maybe the front will speed up and be gone by mid-morning.

I'll post on Saturday evening whether Sunday is on or not.
Wednesday and Thursday next week show nice weather so if Sunday is off maybe a mid-week fly-in would work.
I have no commitments on either Wednesdays or Thursdays, is one day better than the other for you? Post here if you have a preference of which day might be best.

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I think we're going to get rained on tomorrow, so I'll postpone the fly-in until Tuesday?

I now have something on on Wednesday but Tuesday is looking OK, lets see what the forecast says Monday evening and those that can come can come.
Thursday is also looking OK.


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  • Committee Member

Good call Tony. I had almost forgotten the agony when the forecast is iffy😃

Tuesday would be OK for me.

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Yes should make this,not sure as to the weekly commute traffic😃

BTW no sign of rain here, overcast breaking up.


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