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F5J+ RRR fly-ins

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We might do a little aerotowing! If you have any suitable gliders with a tow release bring them 🙂

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David, Paul and myself went and did a little aero-towing so missed a few rounds.

Results for Tuesday 21st July fly-in


In the R1 G1 I didn't get away on the horn (my prop gets caught under the canopy, must do something about that!) so tried to mitigate the lost 20 or so seconds by launching low, never got higher than 85m.

In the third round the air was looking poor before the El Nino was turned on its wing tip, I turned it back the other way and on the other wing tip went straight up - nearly. Behind a strong thermal is ...., good job Garry had marked out some reasonable air on my way back or I might have been down early.


Another great day at Little Bentley - really feels like a Sunday 🙂

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Great day Tony, many thanks.

Congrats to John. 

Although I only saw the aerotowing from a distance Paul's email  detailing the videos gave me a chance to see what it was like.

Looking forward to the next one although this Sunday is now a possibility for a 6 man (places taken) gathering in Kent.

A couple of photo's taken by me Brian has more to follow I'm sure...

 Randy exercising before winning his last 3 groups

Tony's fleet before gazebo collapsed luckily without causing any damage. 

Randy exercising before winning his last 3 groups.JPG

Tonys fleet before tent collapsed. .JPG

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"with" changed to "without"
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Enjoyable day although feeling knackered near to the end so left early. Sorry chaps. Strange conditions at times with some big sink holes if in the wrong place, which I seemed to find on more than one ocasion .

A couple of pictures of the day, not much in the way of action ones, as it was all go flying and timing!!!!





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At this moment the forecast for next Thursday (30th July)  is looking good for more F5J at Little Bentley.

Please indicate your interest in coming and I'll set up another relaxed comp.

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Back at sea on Wednesday, so can't make it this time. Sorry. Hope you have a great day. 

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Cannot make this coming Thursday,Tony, clashes with re opening Stow Maries Aerodrome meeting of volunteers




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How about Wednesday ? 

Weather looks ok at the moment.

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On 24/07/2020 at 22:23, John H said:

Will miss you but pleased to hear you still have a job. 

Thanks John. BTW, traced the starboard aileron fault to the connection between Servo and extension wire coming out in the wing. All sorted now. Took two minutes. 


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16 hours ago, PeteMitchell said:

How about Wednesday ? 

Weather looks ok at the moment.

Wednesday is good now (I changed another activity to a different day).

Is Wednesday better for others too? Please indicated which day you can fly - top post on first page will be updated.

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Hi Tony,

My preference is for Thursday but I can make arrangements and come Wednesday. 



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Tony, I can't do Wednesday or other days this week so will look forward to the next one after that.

We had a similar 6 man F5J Fly in at Sutton Valence Kent today that was a success, thanks to you for the pioneering work.



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