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F5J+ RRR fly-ins

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Another great day of flying - though the scores aren't great. Several pilots testing different ballast, others just having a poor day picking the right bit of sky.

The matrix was arranged with 2 drops, one when people were the timing system plus your worst flight score, I had a motor restart so got another zero (round 3).

John with his own design and built glider gave us all a whooping - again!





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Sorry I missed out, but being out tomorrow could not face 2 days on the trot rushing around.Mind you the flight times did not look great at times🤐🤐🤐

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Midweek is looking too HOT!

Sunday (9th) looking better so who's up for another gentle F5J friendly comp. at Little Bentley?

Top post on page 1 of this thread will be updated to show who's likely to be coming.

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Hot - too hot, a good breeze helped cool us a little but probably around 30C in the shade most of the day.

Air quite fickle through the day too, various problems for many pilots as well as poor air left several of us with short flights. Still a good day, another test of the eScoring system which worked well again.

Thanks to everyone that came to Little Bentley, thanks to those that helped set up and breakdown the field equipment - many hands make light work.





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Thanks for all your efforts, Tony, on a very hot & humid day. Looks like my malfunction in the last round cost me dear. Never mind, nice to meet up & fly competitively again. Plus thanks to pete Mitchell for picking up my chair.


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Thanks Tony for arranging the comp yesterday,although very hot ,it  was an enjoyable day with some interesting landings. Look forward to the next one 


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