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Looking for a Model

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I’m after a nice f3f / f3b type model for sport flying, needs to have or the ability to have a motor in the snout! 

Will be used for flat field and slope........ 

Anyone have anything or can recommend something!? Ive been out of the F3f loop for a long time and models have advanced!

 Love the Fosa E but thats big bucks!😚



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Marc RC pilot

Hi soar911

I had a similar question myself last year and below was some good advice given by Pete.

Hope it helps and good luck :)




You'll have trouble finding an Expro for £350.00, if you go for something a bit older you'll get the performance, they just won't be trendy.....

I'd recommend a Pike Superior or a Jaro Muller Esprit or perhaps an old F3B 'plane - they're fitted with towhooks and usually around 3 metre-ish

Try checking out moulded model manufacturers that have been going a while, early models of theirs will be less than £350.00, if that Cassiopea that was on BMFA recently had been in good condition you'd probably have got it or something like it.......

Do some research, make up a shortlist, talk to whoever you meet at your local flat field or preferably at a competition - don't snap up the first one you find.......take your time and get the one you want......

Good hunting, good luck





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