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Is Copydex waterproof after it has gone off?

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Hmm....   water based latex adhesive.   I would stick two bits of scrap balsa together, let it go off, and weight the test piece down in a bowl of water to check....

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Here’s what the manufacturer says:

Copydex Adhesive is a safe adhesive for crafts, fabrics, carpets, DIY and more, providing you with a handy solution that works for a variety of tasks. Use this strong latex glue to ensure quick and long-lasting adherence.

The high-quality adhesive produces a strong bond that can also withstand washing machine cycles, making it ideal for repairing clothes. It is easy to use, dries quickly, and can be used for repairing items or DIY art and craft projects. This adhesive is ideal for use on paper, card, fabrics, board, carpet, leather and upholstery.

Copydex is suitable for exterior use, and has a drying time of 30 minutes. It is solvent free and non-toxic. 

So it’s perfect for putting the tops onto my floats!

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