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Altis plugs

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Who reads instructions?  After using Altis for a good few years I decided to read theirs  a while ago .

I was surprised to find that Altis recomend NOT powering the model via the Altis !!

Not likeing any of the usual ways round this i.e. seperate power source I decided to modify the Altis wiring as per the attached pics.

I always crimp my own plugs so it was an easy fix and at most added only one extra plug.  A couple of my gliders have the rx sited a long way aft of the Altis and this needed an extra lead but once itstalled it never has to be moved .

After flying with this wiring in all of my thermal soarers all of last year and what little we have had so far of this year it has worked  OK

Altis Y Lead.jpg


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Hi Guys,

Yes, I have been doing exactly this in all my F5J models for a few years now, and I reckon it has saved every one of them from an Altis (power) connection failure. You may have been aware that Aerobtech issued a recall on all of their Altis units made between such-and-such date and some-other date, citing that there was an issue with sub-standard plugs. Around that time many of us were getting a lot of problems with jittering motors, failures to start and erratic height logging. This has made me much more concious of all pluged in connections, and I make an effort to reduce these to the abolute minimum, often simply soldering connections together where I might have used a plug before.

I have had no problems using the arrangement in the lower of the diagrams in Pete's post above, but I would have deleted the plug in the middle of the power line.

I am quite sure this has saved me several competition models from crashing by now.

Happy flying (some day!)

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I've just made up a slightly adapted version of the wiring - from 2x short extension leads - see pic - hopefully someone finds it useful. Havent tried it yet - or the Altis - need some decent weather & time off from lockdown DIY !



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