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Pike Precision 2 arrive 😎


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1 hour ago, isoaritfirst said:


In my view Neil, few cells are more reliable. 2 cell with balance lead is the current best technology for a safe installation. Using 2/3A and 5 cells increases chances of cell imbalance, no balance lead increases the chances again. Cells out of balance  can fool the charger, and fail quickly when put under load. 
18650 cells fit fine, if you have a receiver of the right size. Nose cone is a perfect fit over my JETI  receiver. In the picture it is hot glued to the fuselage and a magnetic switch glued to the receiver. 
wires run neatly under receiver where there is plenty of room . 
I use 2 mm banana plugs to connect power at the start of a days flying. The battery ends are hot glued to battery pack to reduce movement and stress to wires. 

Is that an rex7 or rex7 Mike? 

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21 minutes ago, isoaritfirst said:

Think it’s a seven. But I think both are the same size

Actually the 7 is both wider and longer. Good that a 7 will fit. 


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19 hours ago, satinet said:

Here's why 18650 is a good fit for non electrics. 



Yep i need a smaller receiver. Only way i can get a receiver to fit is to have it old skool inside the fuselage behind the battery. So the battery would need to be much shorter than a 2s Li Ion for this to happen. I will get some different receivers from Multiplex and see if they fit.

Thanks all

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My green Pike has the receiver behind the batteries. 
18500 wil give enough  room. But they are harder to buy in 2000 with decent discharge rates. 

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Well finally got to program the PP2 this afternoon. 

As soon as I receive my 18650s  I'll  pop into the and add lead to get the CG  then out to play.

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