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F5J Weekend at Little Bentley

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Location is Little Bentley Polo Club, Rectory Road, Lt Bentley, Nr. Colchester, Essex, C07 8SN.

Directions to the field in a pdf - new directions.pdf

Whichever weekend gets chosen - each day will be a separate comp. so that those that can only spare one day can enjoy a full competition.
Entry fee for each day = £5
Camping (max. 3 nights) = £10
Prizes for top 3 places + lowest launch that wins the slot - both days. Quite possibly we'll have a 7man fly-off on the first day.

Proposed weekend 29th, 30th and/or 31st August (gives us leeway for weather?)
Possible 'reserve' 22nd and 23rd August if the weather looked particularly good, or 5th and 6th Sept. as a proper reserve if the Bank Holiday is washed or blown out.

We have proven that running F5J comps. in the era of Covid-19 is not too difficult, common sense is pretty much all that is required.
Elite sports are allowed (and we are elite 🙂 ) - section 2.9, a limit on entries may be necessary to placate Fred the landowner, and possibly a limit on numbers that can camp on the field.
There is a port-a-loo on site, we would need to practice very good hygiene using it - hand san on the way in, hand san on the way out, hand washing or sanitising again back at the comp. area.

Manningtree is the nearest town, Co-op, mini Tesco, bakers', butchers (candle stick makers now a carpet shop - really! 🙂). Nearest shop for milk, biscuits, sandwiches, etc. is a Shell garage on the A133 a couple of miles away through the lanes.

The Brick Layer's Arms is less than 1/2 mile from the field - https://www.thebricklayerslittlebentley.co.uk/ - let them know in advance if a group of you go for food, you'll get a better selection if pre-booked.

Just in case - numbers are limited to 28 per day, just less than the 30 person limit on gatherings.

Pilot list:

  1. Tony M - both days
  2. Colin P - Monday
  3. Graham W - Monday - camping
  4. Kevin B - Monday - camping
  5. Garry B - both days - camping
  6. Ian N - both days
  7. Al L - both days - camping
  8. Garry M - both days
  9. Pete M - both days - camping
  10. Steve K - both days
  11. Peter S - both days - camping
  12. Randy - both days
  13. John H - both days
  14. Simon C - both days
  15. Brian A - Monday
  16. Paul W - Monday
  17. David J - Monday
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Yes please Tony. Entry and camping both days and reserve dates:

Colin Paddon
Graham Wicks (can't make 5th or 6th Sept)
Kevin Beale

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Yes please Tony.

All days including Reserve Dates if needed

No camping required.

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Al Lipscombe


I would be up for both the reserve dates, camping as well , twill need a bit of fiddling but looks doable.


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  • Committee Member

Add me to the list please Tony.

One or two days, any date chosen and camping 🙂

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Fred is OK with us having a 2-day comp. on his fields. He understands that the Oasis cabin will need to be used by everyone that camps (and others during the day if needed) but would prefer it that any BBQs be individual rather than communal. Reducing points of contact between us is part of the common sense we must keep to, Covid-19 is obviously still about - Stay Alert - Britain needs lerts 🙂

Top post edited and will be updated as needed.

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Tony presume we are using bank holiday weekend can we arrive Friday afternoon and set up camp ie in my case tent 5mx4m and Coleman one for me and one for planes. BBQ and cooking are gas. Is the cabin there and a porta loo or just one of them, normal covid protections all in car.   Do we pay on arrival or any other way total 10 camping 15 comp =25, is there potable water on the fields or do we bring.


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The forecast at this moment (Sat 15th) isn't looking good for next weekend (22nd & 23rd Aug), the likelihood is that we'll try for the Bank Holiday weekend, I'll make a definitive decision Thursday evening 20th re. weekend of 22nd & 23rd.

Camping is available from the evening before whatever day the comp. day-1 is, leave the day after the 2nd day's competition - no rushing around if you don't want to.

I'll take money on the field for camping and the comps., camping £10, each comp. £5 (x 2 comps. = £10), so £20 for the whole weekend if camping and flying both days.

There is no potable water on the field so please bring some with you, the only thing we have is the loo in the cabin.

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Hi Tony, please add me for any/all of the Bank Holiday 3 days.  I may also camp depending on the weather/beer

thanks, john h

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Tony thought we were looking at bank holiday weekend with following Sept as reserve or are you going to run this weekend and bank  one as separate comps. This coming weekend doesn't look hopefull wet and windy and although my weeks comprise 6 Saturdays and 1 Sunday I'd rather only have 1 weekend away also August bank holiday was nats weekend which so I was always away that weekend and with 3 days sure to find time to fly a few rounds.


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Weather this weekend (22nd & 23rd) is looking windy and possibly wet so no comps.

We'll keep our fingers crossed for the Bank Holiday weekend, I'll choose 2 out of the three days (29th, 30th & 31st), so could be Saturday and Sunday or Sunday and Monday depending on which two look best weather wise. I'll make a decision on Thursday (27th) which days I'll run the two competitions on - or if we have to look at the following weekend if Bank Holiday weather is rubbish.

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Thanks Tony about what I thought lets hope at least 2 of 3 days are flyable bank holiday.


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Hi Tony, 

Can make either 2 day combination on Bank Holiday, but not available September 5th or 6th.


Fingers crossed for the weather. 

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