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F5J Weekend at Little Bentley

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Decision made - Monday looks a good day for flying, Sunday not too bad, Saturday very poor so I'll run F5J comps. on Sunday 30th and Monday 31st.

Scoring will be predominately via the GliderScore eScoring system. Pilots will input their scores using their own smartphone, if you don't own a smart phone someone else can input them on theirs (I had three score cards running on my smartphone at one trial comp. recently). I will be printing blank paper score cards too, your timer will fill these in with round no. and group no, name and times, etc. These will be put in a box by the timing computer for checking post-competition.

eScoring on a smartphone:
iPhone owners should have a QRCode reader built in to the camera app.
Android users might need to download an app from the PlayStore - find and open the Play Store app on your phone, search for SECUSO QR Scanner. Tap QR Scanner (Privacy Friendly), tap Install - app should download, once downloaded and installed tap Open, read info. tap Next a couple of times, tap Allow to take photos and record video and you should be presented with the camera ready to scan a QR Code. Please try to have this ready for Sunday, its not rocket science, its basic use of a smartphone to install an app to extend the usefulness of a phone.

All pilot QRCodes will be printed out for scanning on the field, it should take all of a minute to scan and have your card on your phone ready for the start of the comp. There is a method of sending your QRCode to your email address - send me an email to f3ktony AT gmail DOT com (make the AT a @ and the DOT a . and remove the spaces) and I'll try the email method out.

In every case I'll have a backup method for scoring if you don't succeed in getting this working, but please try as this is going to be how comps. are scored going forward.

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Cut-off date/time for entries:

Saturday 29th, 6pm for Sunday's comp.
Sunday 30th, 6pm for Monday's comp.

A spare or two will be included in the draw so a super late decision to come can still be accommodated 🙂

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Thanks Tony about what i Thought I will drive up early Sunday in case wind is not too bad to fly, Camp the night and fly Monday which looks good maybe even use BF XL ln it's first comp. 


Bmfa 212036

FAI  GBR212035

See you Sunday Peter

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Wood Gnome

Hi Tony 

Please put me in for Monday I will be flying 2m and the weather looks more favourable for this then. Looking forward to a good day and catching up everyone again.

Thanks Paul

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A small reduction in numbers for Sunday, the breeze will reduce during the day so I won't be starting too early on Sunday, no earlier than 11 and possibly not until midday.

Sunday is likely to be two slots of 5 or 6, we'll go slow as we'll all be either flying or timing.

Monday is looking a much nicer day, start time will be around 10am with 3 slots per round. A fly-off is unlikely now but still an option depending on time and enthusiasm for one.

Entry still open for both days, Monday's weather looking really good, make that effort to come 🙂


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Tony I checked barcs before leaving nothing new so drove up this morning and found nobody there other than equestrian people and one i assume was the farmer who advised you were only using field on Monday anyway I went to where the container off/ cabin was usually situated and nothing there so no idea where we would be camping. The wind then started and rain arrived, no idea how to contact you so turned around and headed back home. I will probably come on Monday morning its not to far and won't have trailer attached so can then make some decent speed and also leave satnav off, it took me through Chelmsford and Colchester going and on way back wanted to duck of the A12 every time we passed aturn off. Hopefully see you Monday.


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Not sure what Fred is on 🙂 I texted him to say that we'd be flying Sunday and Monday with people arriving this afternoon (Saturday). I was at the field around 3pm checking the cabin and went to see the equestrian people - my sister and friends.

Tomorrow is on, we'll start when the wind has dies down to a reasonable level, I'm now aiming to be at the field by 10, no need to get up too early 🙂


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Cheers Ray, it’s getting chilly on the field now, brrrrrr! Sunbeams tomorrow hopefully.


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Sunday's result and scores. Wind quite blustery so we waited until around midday before starting. 4 rounds was enough as the conditions were still fairly tough.

Well done to Garry B for the win





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Monday's result and scores. A much nicer day for flying, plenty of thermals before lunch, the usual change of weather after lunch. Brilliant recovery by Graham (Wixy) when his motor cut at 28m - flew the slot out, won the slot and the prize for lowest launch to win a slot.

Something went awry with round 6 and Ian N's score was missed off. Result, Landing, Height and R6 updated.

I've checked through the paper score cards and apart form one minor (1 meter out on a height) all others matched up to the scores inputted using the eScoring system.





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Images from Sunday 30th 1st Gary Binnie (Explorer Vee), 2nd Steve Knowles (Shadow 2), 3rd Randy Taylor (Ex or Xplorer or Maxi) , and 4th Gary Matthews (Pike Perfection) Models from memory





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Some pictures of the comp at Little Bentley, Buzzards helping out in first picture. Have lots bit just put these up for now.














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Images from Monday 31st Tony rightly proud as the organiser of a great 2 days of F5J flying.

Winner Graham Wicks with his lightweight Vertigo (he has 3 in different weights he tells me).

2nd Colin Paddon flying his own design and built (with Kevin Beale) Proglide

3rd Gary Binnie (Explorer Vee) trying to decide between the prize of beer, sanitiser or coffee before deciding on the latter.

Prize for lowest launch to win a slot at 28m went to Wixy! This had everyone enthralled even those flying! Congratulations.







Lowest Launch.jpg

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Has anyone else noticed how Steve Knowles' Shadow 2 in the 8th image that Brian posted has retained the fluorescent orange colour whereas mine has faded?

(i.e. that's not me flying it!) 


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