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Nan Explorer setup and rx help

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Hi All, I have got myself a used nan explorer which is lovely but I now have a problem. I cannot find a 7 channel plus carbon safe receiver for my Spektrum DX9. Spektrum seem to have stopped making or supplying them. I have an orange receiver but not sure I want to trust such an expensive model to it. Any ideas on how I can get round this?

Yours hopefuly,


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  • Austin changed the title to Nan Explorer setup and rx help

John presume Explorer 3 or BF as 2e fus is Kevlar and in any case put aerial/s outside Cat Whisker style. I use heat shrink 2mm to cover and add strength to co axial cable leaving outer end free of heat shrink, cables placed either side of fus just behind cockpit, makes it easier to fee aerials out of fus. I have expl 2e and BF, shadow 2 as well all use this method and never had a problem with Futaba receivers Faast &FHSS and FR Sky look a like 8 Channel rx's. You could also put model down and take a half mile walk and see if radio is still working,


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