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Cavallino/ Cravallino/ something similar?

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I've been thinking about getting a slope wing or plank and then I remembered I bought 1 of these years ago but I can't remember what it was called, I think it was a Cavallino or Cravallino or something similar? 

Problem is I've lost the original wing, well I gave it someone to cut the ailerons out but I lost contact with him so would need to source another wing, I think it was MH34 but again, I can't remember. I had Foamwings.co.uk saved in favourites but that site seems to be dead so not sure where to get a wing from now.

I also think someone said the plane wasn't that great, so is it even worth getting a wing made up for it? Or maybe get a different wing onto the fuse?

Any input appreciated  


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Cravallo ?

Try a PW51 plank  airfoil wing on it?


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Cheers, now I have the right name I can find a bit more about it.

I can't remember the wingspan but I think it was around 900mm-1m, Cloud Models looks to offer foam wings, anyone used them or know of anywhere else to get a wing cut and sheeted?


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