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5th 2020 2m Hi Start 14 day Duration Challenge

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A placeholder for the 5th 2M Hi-Start 14 day duration Challenge for 2020

Please submit your score below. The clock will start when the first score is submitted.

This is a for fun challenge, anyone with a bungee-launched glider up to 2 metres wingspan and the standard Hi-Start can post a time.

Object: Fly your 2 metre glider for as long as possible from a flat field, the person who's time is unbeaten for 14 days 'wins' and a new challenge starts.

Rules: Launches must be made from the standard Challenge Hi-Start bungee. Flight times begin when line releases from the towhook and the model must land in the field for times to count. While the object is to encourage F3-RES types, any model up to 2 metre span may be flown (F3-RES, foam, full house aileron mouldie) but please state the type of model with your time.

The standard Hi-Start bungee is a maximum of 10m of 6/4mm surgical tubing and 50m of static line (minimum 30lb breaking strain). Lighter/smaller bungee rubber may be used.

Fly safely! No slope soaring

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had a decent flight the other day - probably counts for the previous challenge though.      Fixed my spoiler linkages after previous flight failure,   pushed the CG back a bit more.  Very little wind but cloudless sky.   First launch of the day to 60 meters,  picked up some lift but lost most of the height re trimming the model, got low and was then joined by a pretty lively kite,  he seemed to be showing off and doing his best to put me off.   I was making a right meal of the lift, stalling and failing to get centered,  took me a while to get my act together before i finally got centered and got away.    About 30 minutes in I found some really good lift,   I could spec out and then dive vertical with full spoilers down into the thermal and then spec out again in the same lift.   Did this 5 or so times before finally losing the lift.     At 50 minutes I was getting low but picked up some weak lift and was joined by another kite,   I figured I'd spec out again but once I saw the kite flapping I knew I was in trouble.   The lift evaporated and I missed out on the hour mark.

it was so hot, I felt like a rotisserie kebab!   The single flight was enough so I packed up and went home.     56 mins 50 seconds.


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good low wind conditions today. Lift about but very slight so had to work hard which is more fun I think

Guy B


31st Aug


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All noted Guy

I am still on holiday with zero Internet access from the campsite. Weekend before I update the table but it's best before 13th September



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Thanks Martin. Not flown much as I broke my arm in two places whilst out trail running in June. Hopefully we will get another few weeks of good weather. Enjoy your hols. 

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Pete in Northiam

Ah!  The 5th is still running!  Got my dates wrong!  Sorry for my confusion @martynk!

In which case, I am pleased to report an improvement in my time to 7m 11s on 6 September 2020 at Crowlink, East Sussex.  

This was flying my RES-Eagle yesterday .  Lovely day, bubbly clouds but a fast breeze.  On the 16th launch (!) I was straight into lift not even getting off the bungee until 74m in a thermal under forming cloud with two other ESSA gliders and a buzzard.  Finally feeling like I'm getting the hang of this - just need to hold my nerve!    


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Well done Guy

You have won this one with Pete very close behind. Hopefully, I will get out for the next one...

Table is about to be updated and new Challenge (no 6) started


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